Sygic Has a New Benefit - Travel Insurance with Just a Few Clicks in Navigation

20. 07. 2021

Sygic - the world's most downloaded offline GPS navigation - introduces a new service. Thanks to cooperation with Union insurance, a member of the ACHMEA B.V. group, we can now deliver travel insurance as part of the popular navigation app. This benefit is now available to Sygic users in all EU countries. It's a unique market solution.

Now Sygic GPS Navigation is so much more than an intelligent app loaded with innovations that increase safety, driving comfort and lead to your destination without an Internet signal. Following the recent integration of pay-per-charge electric vehicle mode directly in the app, Sygic comes with another value-added service: the option to purchase travel insurance.

Traveling by car has become the safest form of travel in recent times. "We see it as our mission to respond quickly to market needs with new technologies that, in addition to navigation, help increase safety behind the wheel. Travel safety has become a key issue. We believe that the new Sygic GPS Navigation's benefit will be appreciated by customers when planning holidays and trips and into the future," said Sygic CEO Martin Strigač.

In addition to usual travel insurance, increasing numbers of countries require that visitors have additional insurance in the event of COVID-19 infection. Yet this cover is still not standard with insurance companies. So Union and Sygic have joined forces to create a unique product. The Sygic navigation app is unique on the global market to offer travel insurance with COVID-19 cover. In addition, insurance can also be taken out directly during a trip. The user-friendly design ensures that customers are insured in seconds, with insurance cover immediately after payment.

The Sygic app offers three insurance types: short-term travel insurance, short-term including COVID-19 co-insurance, and long-term (annual) travel insurance.
Short-term insurance covers: medical expenses in Europe and surrounding countries up to EUR 250,000, insurance for normal activities and standard sports and leisure activities, premium assistance services 24/7, insurance for travel and accommodation costs of a loved one at the place of hospitalization, i.e. everything is without excess. In addition, treatment costs for COVID-19 up to EUR 50,000 are included in the alternative with COVID-19 co-insurance.

Annual insurance is beneficial for those who spend at least 25 days a year on the road. Customers get insurance for repeated trips abroad for 365 days; while the maximum insurance period for one trip is 30 days. It also includes medical costs in Europe and surrounding countries up to EUR 250,000, standard activities, and selected sports and leisure activities.

Travel insurance is not only available in Sygic GPS Navigation for drivers with a paid Sygic navigation license. Anyone with the Sygic navigation app on their mobile - even the free version - can take out insurance for a plane, bus, train, boat, or motorbike travel. Insurance is still available for Android phones, the version for iOS will also be released later this summer.