Change Log

18.2.0 (2020-11-18)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix search request parameters conversion
  • Map: Fix crash in polyline geometry calculation
  • Map: Show VehicleWidth restriction with Feet as Imperial units
  • Navigation: Convert decimal numbers for correct TTS pronunciation
  • Online: Set device login type setting only after success response
  • Routing: Re-compute now correctly falls back to full routing after three consecutive re-computes
  • Search: Fix place request parameter handling in map provider for search library


  • Android: Add OnStreetDetailListener
  • Android: Add StreetDetail getter to Android PositionManager IF
  • Android: Integration of PAL Http on ANR
  • iOS: Add getCurrentStreetDetail to SYPositioning
  • iOS: Add load/unload array of maps to SYMapLoader
  • iOS: Add routing service (online, offline, auto) to SYRoutingOptions
  • iOS: Implement PAL HTTP for iOS
  • Places: Return multiple external IDs at once
  • Routing: Add detection of restrictions violations on route + set the restriction in SDK routing module
  • Routing: Engine now can calculate meta-information about next junction
  • Routing: Number of re-computes required to trigger full compute can now by specified in configs