Change Log

19.3.0 (2021-04-19)

Bug Fixes

  • Route: Fix roundabout instructions where road touches RB in only one point
  • Routing: Disable violated restrictions for pedestrian
  • Routing: Fix discontinued road elements in route


  • Android: Add map matching functionality
  • Core: Add caching of selected MapsAPI Responses
  • Core: Add option for getting user profile to Online interface
  • Core: Add option to clear MapLoader cache
  • iOS: Add interface for SetLogisticInfoSettings to SYMapView
  • iOS: Add map matching functionality
  • iOS: Add possibility to provide Apple user name and email during sign in
  • Map: Allow to use background color or image for lane assist view
  • Map: Update skin files and textures
  • Navigation: Add scout compute settings to json config file
  • Navigation: Set waypoint as visited in shorter distance
  • Routing: Add possibility to avoid route segments
  • Routing: Add rectangle avoids
  • Routing: Map matching functionality has been enhanced with additional information
  • Routing: Remove maxSpeed from truck profile
  • Routing: Routing re-compute can now enforce reconnection to original route
  • Routing: Store and load route as route plan
  • Search: Set flat data search priorities