Sygic’s Real-Time Traffic Lights Add-On Honored as a Top CES 2020 Innovation

07. 11. 2019

The jury of 82 renowned professionals and executives from various fields of the tech industry stated that the Traffic Lights Add-On for the Sygic GPS Navigation “showcased innovative features that scored highly across the evaluation criteria and joins a special group of other products given this honor.”

Sygic, the mobile navigation pioneer trusted by more than 200 million drivers globally, has been recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree. Traffic Lights Add-On for the Sygic GPS Navigation is the first-ever real-time traffic light countdown to commercially available mobile navigation applications.

The latest innovation from Sygic has been created in collaboration with Traffic Technology Services and covers over 15,000 traffic lights across major cities in the US. This feature is available as an add-on for free to all users of Sygic GPS Navigation. Traffic Lights is the first released feature from the kit of the planned Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) kit.

“The Sygic Mobile ADAS kit will employ several advanced assistance features powered by artificial intelligence (AI) with a major impact on safety and the time of arrival. It will be available for everyone as an add-on for Sygic GPS Navigation without a need of buying additional expensive hardware,” said Sygic CEO Martin Strigac.

“The kit will be step-by-step upgraded with additional assistance features including the detection of speed limit signs, lanes, and obstacles on the road and collision detection. We are also analyzing the possibility to integrate it with the rail-crossing warning system,” added Strigac.

The Sygic Mobile ADAS kit will also be available as a separate SDK enabling transport and logistics companies to integrate it with their existing fleet systems as well as carmakers and original equipment manufacturers with built-in infotainment systems.

The Traffic Lights add-on shows a green light countdown timer of each traffic light en-route, encouraging drivers to slow down to catch-up with the green band. By this innovation, Sygic and TTS aim to increase safety at intersections, contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in cities, and increase the traffic flow.

“According to a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than two people are killed every day on US roads by impatient and reckless drivers blowing through red lights,” said TTS CEO, Thomas Bauer.

“We believe that providing information about traffic lights and using that information in a responsible manner can contribute to reducing crashes and deaths at signalized intersections. The Sygic add-on integration provides a connected vehicle technology by utilizing existing mobile devices that can benefit more travelers on the road today,” Bauer added.

The Traffic Lights Add-On was unveiled on November 7 at CES Unveiled New York. Sygic will also showcase the feature at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

The award-winning feature is currently only available to Sygic GPS Navigation users in the United States. In order to participate in the beta test, drivers must download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and then activate the premium trial license.