Travel Planner Sygic Travel now available in 14 languages

10. 05. 2017

Global travel planner Sygic Travel is now available in total of 14 languages. With the recent update, both the travel content and the user interface – the complete menu and all the buttons in the app – can now be displayed in Polish, Korean, Chinese and Turkish. While the iOS app is mostly downloaded in the US, France and Germany, the Android version is most popular in Germany, the UK and the US. During the high summer season, more than half million people use the app every month.

The user interface and the travel content are now available in 14 languages: English, Polish, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, German, Dutch, Italian and Czech. “One of the reasons for translating the app was the ongoing high demand from our users. Lately, the majority of localization requests was coming from Turkey and also from Poland, where the Android app is downloaded the most right after the US, Germany and the UK,” says Barbora Nevosádová, the co-founder and the head of Business Development in Sygic Travel. “Adding new translations is a part of our preparations for the high season, during which more than half million people use the app every month,” continues Ms Nevosádová.

Both in the mobile apps and on desktop, the language is set automatically based on the default language settings of the phone and the browser respectively. In average, ten in-house translators work at Sygic Travel at a time. In addition to translating the user interface, they also translate tourist descriptions of the most important sights. Due to huge numbers of sights and other points of interests, a significant part of the information is translated using sources such as Wikipedia or the OpenStreetMap.