WEBINAR: Simplifying Route Optimization with My Transport Planner and Sygic

Increase productivity and cut costs with innovative optimization solutions

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What you will learn in this webinar


Benefits of a fully online tool

A user-friendly platform that increases vehicle utilization, reduces planning time and cuts total fleet mileage


Advanced features

Optimize routes in real-time on mobile devices and more


Hands-on examples

Live demo, use cases and applicable industries

Save operating costs with efficient route optimization

Watch our webinar and find out how to increase vehicle utilization and reduce total fleet mileage by using solutions from Sygic and our partner The Algorithm People. Our sales executive Matej Duricek, together with Colin Ferguson, CEO of The Algorithm People, will show you how we have integrated Sygic Professional Navigation with My Transport Planner, a new optimization solution from The Algorithm People, and how using these two solutions can help you reach your efficiency goals.


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