Top 10 Spring Vacation Ideas in 2018

08. 03. 2018 · 3 min read

Wipe out winter tiredness and head into one of these fascinating countries. Travelling in spring has many advantages - you won’t get sunburned, the accommodation is cheaper and you'll avoid the large crowds of tourists. Recommendations by trip planner Sygic Travel.

Rome, Italy

The average high temperatures in Rome are 68 °F (20 °C) in April and 75 °F (24 °C) in May. Therefore, you can enjoy walking around the Colosseum in your sweatshirt or jacket. And what if you get caught in the April showers? Hide into the Pantheon and watch the rain falling down through the large oculus in its cupola.

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Washington, D.C., USA

Be sure to admire the beautiful blooming cherry trees that were brought to the US capital from Tokyo in 1912. Their beauty, as well as the friendship between the two countries, is annually celebrated by the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Athens, Greece

Athens is an ideal destination for a spring trip. Be sure to start your trip early in the morning though, even if you visit in April or May. The local architectonic jewels e.g. Acropolis, Parthenon or the ancient Agora are some of the most notable places in the whole world. And it should come as no surprise that they draw the attention of many people all year round.

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Kyoto, Japan

Spring is one of the most pleasant seasons for visiting Japan. At the end of March, the cherry trees begin to bloom and the whole Japan turns pink. Visiting the historic city of Kyoto will be the cherry on top of your experience because of the many zen gardens where you can meditate.

Montreal, Canada

The whole city turns green once spring comes to Montreal. There are so many huge and wonderful parks in the second largest Canadian city, you are spoiled for choice! You can have a picnic in Parc du Mont-Royal which is Canadian Central Park, or by the water in Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park.

Madrid, Spain

Visiting Madrid in spring has many advantages. If you come here during Easter, you will come across many lively parades. If you seek a peaceful spot, visit Retiro Park where you can rent a boat on a lake. You can also head to Rosaleda - a lovely rose garden.

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Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan spring is amazing unless you’re allergic to pollen because the blooming trees and flowers are ever-present. You can admire them in the Yangmingshan National Park, by the Sun Moon Lake or in the Alishan area known for its forests and thousand-year-old cypress trees.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, Dubrovnik is an ideal travel destination for the spring months. The lovely scent of various herbs, orange and lemon trees in the air will follow you as you go about discovering the historical city center inside the tall Walls of Dubrovnik.

Havana, Cuba

Visiting Cuba is a great idea in all seasons. Spring is the season for those of you who want to spend their stay here actively - e.g. doing sports - because you will avoid the extreme temperatures.

San José, Costa Rica

December to April is the ideal period for visiting Costa Rica. It would be a shame if you stayed at the beach when the country has so much more to offer - be it breathtaking mountains, volcanoes or tropical forests. The capital - San José - is located at the heart of the country - the Central Valley.

Written by SV