Sygic is Encouraging Positive Behavioral Change Among Drivers with the App-based Telematics

05. 09. 2019

The company presents at TU-Automotive Connected Car Insurance USA 2019 a set of mobile-based technologies tailored for insurance companies to open a whole new era of hardware black-box free, app-based insurance telematics.

Sygic, the navigation company behind one of the most successful navigation apps for fleets and personal cars, has unveiled demo application with a set of innovative features ready to be integrated into next-generation insurance apps and services.

The showcase app combines several unique algorithms and components including dashcam, driver scoring, and gamification to demonstrate its capabilities exclusively for the visitors of the fair.

The unique driver scoring algorithm introduced earlier this year delivers on-the-spot recognition of driving style in insurance Android or iOS apps. The solution comes at a low cost and performance similar to automatic start trip recognition in the engine control module (ECM). Currently, it is used by Canadian insurance company Onlia in their Onlia Sense app.

“Sygic is navigating more than 200-million drivers and two thousand professional fleets around the world. They drove over 250 billion miles using our apps. With our proven experience, we are capable to deliver engaging high-quality mobile solutions for the insurance segment with clear user interface and Uber-style experience.” said Miroslav Remecky, Sygic’s Vice President of Enterprise Solutions.

Driver scoring uses smartphone sensors, including accelerometer, GPS and gyroscope to monitor several variables including harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, speeding or distracted driving. By providing real-time feedback and applying gamification strategies it motivates drivers to improve their style and behave more safely en-route, lowering the risk of accidents and at the same time identify low-risk drivers.

The showcase app is also taking advantage of smartphone cameras to record events in front of the car and at the same time recognize signs on the road to avoid unnecessary speeding.

“The Dashcam feature is extremely useful when understanding incident dynamics. It automatically saves the last minute of video before an extremely harsh braking or another suspicious event. These videos are then analyzed by artificial intelligence and if valid, delivered to the insurance company,” added Remecky.

To learn more about driver scoring and app-based telematics, download Sygic white paper.