Sygic Starts 2022 with 410,000 Charging Points in its Electric Vehicle Mode. Most of its Users Drive a Volkswagen, Tesla, or Hyundai

22. 02. 2022

Sygic’s EV mode, launched in May 2020 as a free part of the popular Sygic GPS Navigation, has been used now by more than 260,000 unique users primarily from Europe. The app has undergone several improvements within the last year, helping fans of e-mobility overcome their anxiety regarding the range and charging. The development of new functionalities continues with the ambition to provide the best assistance to electric car drivers.

Interest in greener options of personal transport is on the rise. Surveys show that low-cost operation comes after protecting the environment as the main decisive reason for buying an electric vehicle. The last European Investment Bank’s Climate Survey revealed that electric and plug-in hybrid car models are considered the next car by 67% of Europeans. The fact that the e-mobility market is booming, and the development of the charging network has accelerated is notable even in Sygic’s EV mode data.

Sygic GPS Navigation is a hybrid navigation app with offline maps which also provides users with online services. It is recognised for its advanced technology features such as Live Traffic information, Sign recognition, Head-up Display, Augmented Reality view, and the availability of the navigation on Android Auto and CarPlay, including charging points. Globally, it is used by millions of drivers who can switch the app into electric vehicle mode with specific features and content.

Since January 2021, the number of charging points in Sygic’s EV mode has increased by 37.8% to 410,768 charging points in Europe (January 2022). The top five countries with the highest increase of coverage in 2021 are the Netherlands (+23,238), Germany (+16,430), Italy (+9,895), Spain (+8,776), and the UK (+8,510), while the countries with the best overall coverage of charging points in EV mode are the Netherlands (105,292), France (68,868), Germany (63,063), the UK (28,387) and Italy (23,299).

The multiEMP platform combines services from different e-mobility players to ensure the best coverage and charging experience for navigation users. Most of the players offer online data and payment capabilities directly within the app. Currently, Sygic has 7 partners they cooperate with: PlugSurfing, currently providing 252,981 charging points in EV mode, followed by TomTom with 134,037 charging points, Elec2go with 21,086 charging points, Greenway with 2,000 charging points, eJoin with 374 charging points, Polyfazer with 255 charging points and Unicorn with 35 charging points (status in January 2022).

“Within the last twelve months, the routing and charging experience improved thanks to better UX. We’ve added some new providers with the possibility of direct payments, and users can easily select one or multiple providers for easy charging. The filtering of chargers up to 350 kW is already possible. Further improvements, including the automatic adding of charging POIs to the route, will be launched in 2022. For now, users can try the beta version,” described Petr Füzék, Head of e-mobility at Eurowag Group.

Currently, most of Sygic’s EV mode users drive a Volkswagen, Tesla or Hyundai, confirming the worldwide trend of the best-selling electric vehicles in 2021. Compared to January 2021, Volkswagen confirmed its position as having the most EV mode users, while Tesla and Hyundai replaced BMW and Toyota drivers using EV mode.