Sygic’s Global Expansion Enables GPS Navigation For Drivers In Emerging Travel Destinations

10. 03. 2016

Sygic, the global leader in the most advanced GPS navigation apps, today added 88 new maps to its portfolio. The world’s most installed offline GPS navigation app, Sygic has now doubled its coverage worldwide - including popular travel locations in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Sygic GPS Navigation is now available to users in every UN recognized state, furthering its mission to guide every single person in the world.

Adding new countries such as China and Japan to its map inventory now means that Sygic has a truly global offering, providing advanced navigation solutions for over 125 million unique users worldwide.

The GPS maps are available offline, directing drivers and pedestrians through new locations, managed directly through the user’s smartphone without the need for internet or cell phone connection. Online live services connect users with current traffic information and speed camera locations.

Sygic’s GPS navigation maps provide:

● Voice guided navigation, with turn-by-turn instructions
● Speed restrictions information and camera alerts
● Information regarding key points of interest - even finding the best parking spots

The new maps are now available for purchase by geographic region, with prices starting at 19,99€ for a lifetime license.
Emerging economies are quickly gaining popularity as lucrative travel destinations for international tourists. The United Nations World Tourism Organization has projected that by 2020 these developing hotspots will surpass advanced economies in the number of international arrivals. Countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific are forecasted to host 55% of the market share of international visitors, with expectations of continued growth.

Those opting to travel by car in these new locations need a reliable tool to enable safe travels with relevant information. For these individuals Sygic acts as a one-stop-shop, with up-to-date travel information, routes and free map updates.

The combination of offline navigation expertise and online live updates and travel tools prepares drivers in new locations for independent travel, supported by smart technology. Sygic’s continued development reflects growing consumer trends; ensuring the GPS giant remains at the forefront of industry.

“By including these new maps accessible within the Sygic app, we are enabling a new wave in tourist exploration, maximizing safety, convenience and connecting the world,” says Sygic’s founder and CEO Michal Štencl.

Sygic is an industry leader, with over a decade of experience and a rapidly growing customer base -- making it the world’s most installed offline GPS navigation app. The company has developed numerous advanced technologies such as the ‘Head-Up Display,’ which projects navigation information onto the windshield of cars and large vehicles. The travel experience is further enhanced with the integration of popular travel tools - such as TripAdvisor, and Yelp, letting users browse reviews and recommendation for top tourist destinations and activities.

“From the coastal highway of Latin America, to the open stretches of African landscapes, and the Garden Route - travelers today have a wealth of international opportunities accessible by car. By using Sygic they have the convenience of a personal GPS navigation app, giving them the freedom to get off the beaten track, and out onto the open road,” continued Štencl.