Driver Scoring Technology Used in One of the Top-Rated PR Campaigns in the World Significantly Improved Road Safety

04. 11. 2020

Importance of road safety is rising. “Don’t be a pirate” is the name of a year-long PR campaign, calling for responsible usage of mobile phones by young people while driving. In the campaign of O2 Slovakia, Sygic took part as a technology provider, delivering a GPS navigation. Together with advanced driver scoring and reward system in the app, Sygic motivated participants to cultivate safe driving habits. Last month, an international jury of the Global SABRE Awards ranked the campaign among top 40 in the world.

In 2019 O2 launched the campaign to raise awareness about the risks of distracted driving and inspire mobile users to change their behaviour towards safety on roads positively. Into O2 app, Sygic integrated its GPS Navigation together with advanced driving evaluation functionality Mobile ADAS, capable of detecting mobile phone interactions. If the driver hadn’t touched the display while driving, O2 rewarded him for safely driven kilometres with free data. The application was available for one year, and within the first two months, the responsible drivers earned 2000 GB of data.

Throughout the campaign, drivers have ridden more than 2 million kilometres within 130 thousand journeys with the app, with an average score of 93 points per trip. In average, screen touches decreased from 0,7 per journey at the beginning of the campaign to 0,39 at its end. Therefore, the campaign results are highly positive. For Sygic, it’s proof, that positive rewarding for desired behaviour is much more effective in changing people’s habits.

„We were happy to participate in such a successful campaign with a like-minded partner, who cares of social responsibility aspects of their business. Encouraging users to become better drivers by using gamification is one of Sygic’s know-how. We are pleased that creativity showed the topic of road safety as relevant to the telco industry as well. We see great potential in utilizing similar programs in insurance, fleet management, ride-hailing, and government safety initiatives,“ said Martin Strigac, CEO of Sygic.

Rewarding drivers played a crucial role in the motivation of users to change their habits little by little. Due to the Kantar survey, the campaign impressed 60% of drivers in age 18 – 25, of which a half stated that it affected them in using a phone on the road.