Do not let your summer holiday cost you more than you have planned

30. 07. 2015 · 0 min read

Pay attention to the speed limits when travelling abroad

Based on NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) data, high number of summer holiday travelers causes that the number of car incidents almost doubles during summer months than during the rest of the year in the US.

Vacationing drivers are often not familiar with the roads they are driving on, including speed limits in foreign countries.

To help you guys drive safer when traveling abroad, we have done a little survey on our Facebook fan page and a little Google research and here are the speed limits for 30 chosen countries. We also added speeding fines in these countries.

If you are one of the driving vacationists, Speed Cameras app from Sygic might be helpful. It shows you the speed limits for the road you are driving on and helps you drive safer even if you miss the speed sign on an unfamiliar road.
Or try Sygic GPS Navigation, its premium version displays the speed limits and upcoming speed limit change before it becomes effective.

Written by Katarina Haluskova