Salzburg's Red Cross Turns to Sygic for Reliable Navigation

19. 12. 2023 · 2 min read

The Salzburg branch of the Austrian Red Cross is a key part of emergency services in the region. With a focus on medical emergencies, general healthcare, and preparing for disasters, this branch is always ready to help the local community. They have around 200 specialized vehicles and a skilled team of around 6000, mostly volunteers with a passion for helping others.

Saving Seconds

"Every second is important in emergency response," says Hamit Aydin, System Administrator at Austrian Red Cross, National Association Salzburg. They wanted software that could help them become even better at what they do. That’s why The Red Cross team in Salzburg started working with Sygic back in 2019.

"Our car computers work with Sygic's navigation software. When we get an emergency call, the software helps us find the quickest route," Hamit describes the process.

”We had some specific needs, such as navigation in the German language and the ability to calculate the fastest return route, as it is also important how quickly we can get back to the hospital or to the next emergency site.”

Guiding Red Cross Salzburg

The Salzburg Red Cross isn't just a handful of professionals; it's a robust team of approximately 6,000 members, out of which some 3,000are volunteers actively involved in rescue teams. "To make the experience engaging for our team and volunteers, we needed to adapt and modernize," says Hamit. "That's where features like 3D navigation come in. It doesn't just work well—it looks good. Important landmarks like the city hall are visually highlighted, making navigation not just functional, but also visually appealing."

After using Sygic Professional Navigation, the feedback was mostly positive. "We got very few negative comments, mostly about not wanting the 3D view, but drivers can easily switch to 2D in the app, which solves the problem. But for every negative feedback, we got 10 positive ones. Most people praised the software's accuracy and how it helps with lane changes," says Hamit.

Outcomes That Matter

For its emergency service that needs to be fast and accurate, Salzburg's Red Cross found a dependable ally in Sygic. This isn't simply an operational boost; it's a lifeline for a community dependent on swift, exact assistance. In a profession that leaves no margin for error, Sygic helps the emergency teams arrive on the scene as rapidly as possible, allowing them to make a critical difference when it matters most.

Mapping the Future

Hamit sums it up, "We're excited about what comes next. Sygic has helped us become more modern and efficient when responding to emergencies."

About Red Cross, Salzburg Branch

The Salzburg branch of the Austrian Red Cross operates semi-autonomously to provide tailored emergency and humanitarian services in the Salzburg region. Part of a national network, this branch focuses on emergency medical response, community healthcare, and disaster preparedness, but also offers mobile and stationary nursing services. Equipped with a fleet of specialized vehicles and trained personnel, the branch is prepared to meet a diverse range of community needs. Learn more at

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Written by Zuzana Bedlekova