ICT & Logistiek: Sygic introduces In-Device Optimization Algorithm, bringing multi-waypoint sequencing experience working even without an internet connection

07. 11. 2018

The new Algorithm from Sygic can handle more than hundred of waypoints, can be used as a part of Sygic Navigation products or API embedded into existing solutions and optimizes routes to achieve the best efficiency for fieldworker transportation, waste management, and couriers.

Sygic, the trusted developer of Mapping and Navigation solutions for Enterprises premiered the powerful In-Device Optimization Algorithm in ICT & Logistiek trade show in Netherland. The Algorithm can be used as API part of Software Development Kit (SDK) or as it was showcased in ICT as an integral part of Professional Navigation with SDK. Delivery and pick-up addresses can be geocoded, optimized and re-optimized once inserted e.g. manually or by scanning packages, even when the internet connection is not available.

The latest innovation, working also without an internet connection can be easily deployed on company vehicles or integrated into an existing solution. It also doesn’t require expensive, and for small and medium businesses, often unattainable server-side solution and can process hundreds of waypoints. Once the company grows or for more demanding needs the SDK provides the variety of complex Cloud-Based Optimization Algorithms.

„We have designed this Algorithm to meet highest quality, reliability and usability requirements which will at the same time not ruin your budget by requiring expensive hardware gear,“ said Sygic CEO Martin Strigac. „All your drivers need is a mobile device,“ he added.

Thanks to its flexibility, it can be used in various businesses, starting from courier or fieldwork transportation services and waste management to fleets and public transport. The Algorithm can dynamically adapt the route to all changes in the dispatch without the need for further adjustments.

This announcement came just a few weeks after Sygic announced on Gitex Technology Week in Dubai Driving Behavior Analysis algorithm which is capable to evaluate driving behavior in real time. By using this technology, fleet companies can decrease incidents of drivers by 87 percent and maintenance by 30 percent.

„Both new algorithms demonstrate our commitment to growing development community of Sygic Maps & Navigation SDK. In the same time, single drivers can use our ready-to-go Truck GPS navigation and SMEs can easily integrate our Professional Navigation with SDK,“ explained Strigac.

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