Sygic is preparing news that will shift the navigation business further

21. 03. 2023

For the 17th time, Sygic developers, designers, and marketers, with guests from WebEye, stepped off the carousel of everyday operations to look at their products anew. This is also what agility is about, which has been integral to Sygic culture since the beginning. The last Innovation Day again brought a chance for a change, a new perspective of the goal in varied conditions. News in the popular GPS Navigation are expected in the first half of the year.

Innovation Day is Sygic's internal hackathon, held since the company's foundation in 2004. Twice a year, Sygic provides two days for employees to put their running projects aside and focus on new ideas. Colleagues from different areas join forces for improvements valuable for customers or daily company life. Working groups are created where everyone has a role. The ideas are ideally developed into a prototype, close to a ready-to-release stage. Winners are voted for.

This time Sygic bet on three of sixteen ideas: To improve UX and enable customizable UI by a personal preference in the Sygic GPS Navigation; an Emergency corridor, which prompts drivers to make room for rescue vehicles when traffic slows on highways. Sygic's truck navigation will work better thanks to new improvements in the development phase. The launch of the news is planned in the first half of this year.

Thanks to Innovation Day, even in the past, ideas for successful premium functionalities like a Head-Up Display, Dashcam, and Real-View navigation in augmented reality were born, which Sygic introduced as the first navigation app developer in the world. The features were available to users for tens of hours after being created in the program software.

"Those features have been an enormous success, appreciated by standard drivers and geeks who love new technology. The resources we invested into the innovations returned within a few weeks. And it‘s very motivating for the team to be the first in the world to bring a new product without long meetings and complex approvals," says Martin Strigač, CEO at Sygic.

He says that supporting innovations is essential for new business development in the company. "Our B2B customers are also interested in special functions – transporters with large-vehicle fleets, car producers, and emergency services, each with very different needs that can’t be met by standard navigation systems," he explains.

In recent years Sygic has been putting more focus on truck transport solutions. Sygic's navigation for trucks and caravans with specific routing by vehicle parameters is ten years old. As a member of the Eurowag Group, Sygic is developing a digital product that connects truck drivers, dispatchers, and their customers to increase commercial transport effectiveness, make their accounting and administration easier, and reduce truck transport's environmental footprint.