Offline maps

Navigate anywhere, even without an internet connection. Our navigation with offline maps always works, even when there is no internet connection, so you can rely on Sygic GPS Navigation to guide you to your destination.

Offline navigation is a must when traveling, especially abroad. You can rely on information stored on your device, so you don’t have to look for Wi-Fi or spend money on expensive roaming data.

You can choose from maps for over 200 countries and save those that you need to your phone. High quality offline maps, millions of points of interest and software for route calculation, will be stored on the phone in your pocket. We update the maps 3 times per year for free, so you will always drive with the latest maps.

What are the benefits of offline maps?

  1. Reduced mobile data usage
    Save data for other apps.
  2. No roaming costs
    Don’t waste money on cellular connection when traveling abroad.
  3. No worries about mobile reception
    Unfortunately, you cannot rely on good connection everywhere you go.
  4. Fast loading times
    All the map details are already stored on your device, so you don't have to wait for the map to load when you zoom or search for a place.
  5. Millions of Points of Interest
    You can easily find anything you need around you without the use of the internet.

Download offline maps
Always download all the necessary maps before you hit the road. Please keep in mind that when driving abroad, you need to download the map for your destination and also maps of all transit countries you’ll be travelling through. If you don’t have offline maps of all the countries you need to cross, you won’t be able to navigate to your destination.
Sygic allows you to optimize your storage to the minimum. You don't have to keep a map of a whole country if you’re driving only in one part. The largest countries are split into regions, so that you can download just the region you really need.

Download Sygic GPS Navigation for Android or iPhone & iPad.

Develop your apps with Offline Maps & Navigation SDK
Sygic offers SDK for rapid app development kit to bring online and offline GPS navigation and maps experience into your apps. Click here to see the technical documentation.