No more Flutter maps workarounds – Sygic offers its top-notch maps API to the community

28. 08. 2018 · 1 min read

You know the struggle. Flutter is great tool to develop cross-platform solutions in reasonable time. Unless you are trying to include maps. In Sygic we are playing around with it for quite some time. As we are going through all your comments, we feel that you might appreciate working and flexible map API. Which you can use without spending hours watching YouTube tutorials, and searching for workarounds to bring your app to life.

As we want to make your life a lot easier, we have decided to fully optimize Sygic’s maps API. It is powered by our top—notch algorithms for Flutter. From now on, you can download the demo code from Git Hub and try it for free.

Use Sygic API while developing in Flutter. Choose your preferred map data provider from premium vendors including TomTom, Here or OpenStreetMaps. Adjust the functionality and design exactly to your needs with custom layers.

If you would like to access all functionalities of Sygic API for Flutter, feel free to request your own Sygic Maps API key. It will allow you to create beautiful maps with no workarounds right now.

Written by Marek Lelovic