7 Types of Travel Businesses That Will Benefit From Sygic Travel White Label

23. 11. 2017 · 3 min read

It’s difficult to stand out in the global competition and acquisition of new customers is often demanding and way too costly. That’s why companies in the travel business started realizing how important it is to retain their current users. Moreover, retaining an existing customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times cheaper than acquiring a new one. There are numerous services a business can offer on top of its main product to attract more customers – membership programs, family benefits or services enhancing the value of the offered product.

One of such services is the Sygic Travel White Label: an online travel planner that can be added to anyone’s website under their own brand. With its help, travel companies can easily offer a custom set of features ranging from a simple interactive tourist map to a fully fledged tourist portal with trip-planning functions, guided tours, flights sales and car rentals. By letting customers plan their entire trips right on the company website, businesses can keep the customers’ attention even after they make their purchase. Offering this extra service will make people likely to visit the website again.

Here’s a list of business types for which the Sygic Travel White Label is the perfect choice:

Airlines and flight comparison sites
Buying the ticket is usually the last thing a customer does on a flights selling site. Had the confirmation email contained a link to a ready-to-use itinerary for their final destination, they would be more likely to visit the site again. Such an itinerary will give them a quick idea about what to do and visit on their trip.

Accommodation facilities
People choose accommodation according to price, amenities and especially the location. Why not attract them by showing what is there to see? With Sygic Travel White Label there’s nothing easier than to display all the sights in the vicinity on a handy map. Guests can then choose places they want to visit even before they leave home. All straight on the hotel’s website.

Tourist offices and boards
Is there a better way of inspiring people to visit a city or a country than presenting all it has to offer in one place? Providing a complex trip planning tool on a tourist portal’s site will help visitors discover the best of any city or country.

People visit airports’ websites mostly to just check the flight times or transfer options. They can stay much longer if they are offered extra services they will most likely need to use. With Sygic Travel White Label, airports can offer car rentals, hotel bookings or tours straight on their websites and earn ancillary revenue.

Train and bus operators
When somebody buys a ticket on a train or bus operator’s website, it’s likely they would buy other services there as well as they have confidence in the brand. An offer of available hotels or a tour guide for the final destination can then be a nice surprise for the customer and another source of income for the operator.

Travel agencies
People who travel with travel agencies are likely to expect a detailed schedule of the purchased package tour. They will surely be excited to find such information easily available on the agency’s website. Sygic Travel White Label is the best option for presentation of ready-made itineraries.

Travel bloggers
Travelers who want to be a true inspiration to their followers should provide them with a lot of practical information. An itinerary of a trip together with a map displaying the exact route could help significantly with presenting one’s travels to others.

All these companies can take advantage of Sygic Travel White Label in numerous ways. At the same time, adding a travel portal to a website is easy. Because Sygic Travel White Label is developed as a ready-to-use product, launching it takes only a couple of minutes. The owner of the website first chooses which countries or areas they want the planner to cover and which products they want to display. They can for example offer itineraries for the customer’s destination or show points of interest in the vicinity of their hotel. Sygic Travel will then customise the trip planner to meet the company’s color scheme, add the company’s logo and everything is ready to be released on any domain the company wishes.

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Written by SV