El Mosca improves fleet operations with truck routing and accurate ETAs

Written by Veronika Dullova
26. 01. 2021 · 2 min read


To further solidify its position in the Spanish market, El Mosca’s team set out to develop an in-house route scheduling solution that would optimize transportation operations. One of the requirements for the solution was to be able to calculate routes with truck restrictions and compute precise ETAs for itineraries with multiple waypoints. Secondarily, El Mosca also wanted to provide its drivers with GPS navigation, including offline maps for the relevant European countries.


El Mosca has chosen the stand-alone integration of Sygic Professional Navigation to complement their solution. Sygic Professional Navigation enabled El Mosca to utilize truck-specific routing that helps drivers avoid roads unsuitable for their vehicles. As a bonus, this routing also includes routes serviced by ferries, which comes in handy since El Mosca also operates ferries enabling trucks to cross between the Balearic Islands and the mainland of Spain.

The navigation also allows for itineraries with multiple waypoints. By using live traffic information, El Mosca can calculate the exact times of arrival at each waypoint, which is used in its ERP and TMS.


Optimization of transport operations
Thanks to truck-specific routing and precise ETAs, El Mosca was able to decrease the operational costs, while ensuring the whole system would stay scalable in the future.

Helping drivers with daily challenges on the road
The turn-by-turn navigation for trucks assists drivers on their journey – with offline routing, itinerary management, rest stop planning, and more.

Ease of integration
By choosing stand-alone integration, El Mosca had a ready-made navigation app at their disposal that could be conveniently triggered by their solution. The integration library made it easy for the navigation to be integrated within multiple systems in place so that no workflow or technology would have to be exchanged.

Top-notch personal assistance
"We appreciate the in-depth knowledge and commitment of the Sygic team. Having a dedicated technical project manager that would go as far as visiting us in person to make sure that we have everything we need really helped bring the implementation to a fruitful end,” said Mariano Fuster Martínez, IT Manager at El Mosca

About the company

Since 1936, El Mosca has devoted itself to the national and international transport of goods. The company offers road, sea, and air freight transportation, including real-time tracing of goods. Boasting facilities of over 50,000 square meters and with a fleet of over 1,700 vehicles, it has consolidated its position within the goods transport and storage industry, including frozen and refrigerated transport and large-volume transport.

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Fleet size
700+ trucks, 1,000 + trailers

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