• Init API

    Init API provides initialization functions for gaining access to Navigation module as well as basic functions for a macro control.

  • Location API

    Location API provides geocoding and reverse geocoding functionality, which is to translate address string into GPS latitude/longitude coordinates and…

  • Navigation API

    Navigation API is about getting into navigation mode after route calculation is done, and monitoring the navigation by means of events.

  • Routing API

    Functions, which allow sending json route or itinerary for route calculation and subsequent navigation, and functions, which allow retrieving actual…

  • Maps API

    Functions, which allows loading geometry files for custom layer visualization on map. Polygon objects supporting geofence messaging notification.

  • Poi API

    Poi API provides POI management functionality for point of interest (POI) objects, being built-in POIs coming with currently installed maps or…

  • Settings API

    Settings API provides function to read and overwrite some application settings. Alternatively there is the initialization file to configure some…

  • Dialog API

    Dialog API provides support for presenting a custom information to drivers such as messaging or map display and a simple mechanism for user…

  • Custom URL

    With the Custom URL scheme you can implement a simple integration of your application with Sygic navigation.

  • Municipal API

    Municipal API provides functions suitable for navigation in complicated trajectories not always matching an official road network, such as for waste…