Sygic 3D Navigation is primarily sold with 1-year (or more-year) license scheme.
This license scheme requires devices with access to Sygic servers.

The following are the license maintenance rules:

  1. The 1-year licenses are assigned to device IDs (e.g. IMEI) or user logins on the BLS server by account holder. The 1-year period starts to flow from the date of activation on the BLS server.
  2. Whenever a device with a registered device ID connects to the Sygic server, the license is granted to that device. User can download the maps.
    In case of registration on login, the login has to be applied in the navigation, automatically by using Custom URL or by manual entry. Once the login is applied, the license is granted to that device.
  3. 1 month before the license expiration the BLS sever sends an email to the account holder with the notification about expiration.
  4. Since 14 days before license expiration till a expiration date the navigation shows a reminder with each navigation start. This reminder can be disabled with settings_overload.ini file if desired.
  5. When the account holder extends the license with a new purchase, the expiration is extended by 1 (or more) year from the previous expiration.
  6. The mobile device needs to connect to the Sygic server for license extension to be applied. Ideally, the connection should be open with each navigation start.