Change Log

13.0.0 (2019-05-31)


  • Interface: MapMarker refactor

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Add missing clickable area method
  • Android: Fix missing start / end markers
  • Android: Fix wrong polyline color setter
  • Core: Fix interface LogLevel enum
  • Core: Increment map client version header
  • Core: Remove duplicated template
  • Map: Fix possible crash in MapView when going background while driving
  • Map: Add missing hash / equals and annotations
  • Map: Delete CustomContent API from interfaces
  • Navigation: Fix crash after going to background
  • Perf: Reverted some async read functions in routing
  • Routing: ETA is now calculated with correct speed
  • Search: Return error for unknown poi categories


  • Core: Extend logging capabilities
  • Core: Add hopscotch map implementation
  • iOS: Add SYMapObject setter for payload data, remove redundant references for mapObjects inside SYMapView
  • Map: Replace MarkerData getBitmap() method with getBitmapFactory() method
  • Map: Transfer payload from interface to map
  • Routing: Add writeIntegerMapToParcel and readToIntegerMap methods to the RoutingOptions
  • Routing: Routing now supports memory mapped maps


  • Interface: MapMarker refactor
  • Map: refactor ViewObjects with payload addition

Performance Improvements

  • Core: provide lock free speed profile context for single thread services
  • Core: use flat map for lock free speed profile cache