Sygic GPS Navigation Offers Connectivity for Android, but Android Auto is Still Blocked by Google

05. 09. 2019

Google is stubbornly keeping Android Auto connectivity closed for 3rd party map and navigation developers. Only its own navigation apps, Google Maps and Waze, are allowed on the platform. Sygic is pushing Google to open the Android Auto connectivity and offer customers also on Android smartphones freedom of choice.

Sygic the trusted navigation of more than 200-million drivers have added MirrorLink connectivity to Sygic GPS Navigation for Android devices. The novelty enables users to connect their Android smartphones directly to the car’s built-in screen in a similar experience to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The company will add more car connectivities later this year.

“We want to make our navigation available to everyone, including Android users. Unfortunately, the connectivity which supports most current cars and smartphones - Android Auto- is still limited only to Google navigation apps,” said Sygic CEO Martin Strigac.

“Last year, Apple understood that opening CarPlay for 3rd party navigation apps will not harm their business interests, but instead brings fresh air and a spirit of innovation to the platform and Apple CarPlay customers are the winners,” he added.

Sygic has been pioneering car connectivity since 2014 and was one of the first companies which enabled its users to mirror navigation into the car’s built-in screen. Since that year, Sygic has been supporting almost all car connectivity standards, including CarPlay, MirrorLink, Smart Device Link (SDL) and Bosch mySPIN.

“Until Google stops blocking the market with its monopoly attitude for one of the most popular Android features - Android Auto- we are unable to bring the built-in screen navigation experience to all customers’ cars,” explained Strigac.

The latest version of Sygic GPS Navigation with MirrorLink connectivity for Android is available for download in Google Play.