Turn Your Phone into Dashcam with Sygic GPS Navigation

14. 07. 2016 · 1 min read

Record the road ahead with your smartphone using the Sygic GPS Navigation with Dashcam feature. Even a careful driver can get involved in an accident and providing evidence to the police or car insurance company often gets tricky. That´s why it is always good to have a video recording of your drive as a proof in case of any kind of accident.

There is no need to waste money for a dashboard camera or any other additional accessories as your phone is already perfectly capable of doing the job. The only thing you need is the right app. Sygic is the first multifunctional mobile GPS navigation that can record video even while navigating. With a single tap on the screen, you can now save a video of the previous five minutes of your drive if anything happens.

Curious how it works? Watch the video explaining the Sygic GPS Navigation Dashcam feature.

Dashcam continuously records a video of the last 5 minutes of your drive. Don´t worry about the storage though, Sygic only saves the recording after a simple tap on the screen. In case of using the video as evidence, the GPS coordinates are written into the meta-data of the video so there will be no doubts about the authenticity of recordings.

Dashcam is an Add-on feature available in Sygic GPS Navigation. Get the most popular smartphone GPS navigation today in Google Play or App Store.

Written by Dominika Majchrakova