Sygic, A GPS Navigation Software Provider, Launches Its Online Maps For Enterprise Solutions

08. 05. 2017

Sygic, the leading global provider of Professional GPS navigation software launches Sygic Maps API as part of their Sygic Mobility Development Kit. These application creation tools and functions, can help fellow developers and providers of fleet and workforce management tracking, to reach smart city solutions and optimize transport and logistics.

With 14 years’ experience in product and service development and verified by 150 million divers around the world, Sygic wants to share its valuable experience and makes its first class technologies available. Sygic Maps features intuitive APIs for easy and seamless integration of cloud-based maps, geocoding, searching, commercial routing and optimization into any fleet solution.

“The most important advantage of our online Maps API offering is that it gives users access to Sygic’s unique commercial routing and optimization algorithms for trucks, emergency vehicles, buses, vans, and taxis as proven by more than 2000 fleets in the field,” said Martin Strigac, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Sygic.

Sygic Maps API services is an open platform offering map content from TomTom, OpenStreetMaps or local map providers. Through Maps API, users have access to fast and rich map rendering technology with various layers of customizable objects and graphics. The best fit route trajectory can be found based on a set of GPS coordinates from GPS black box or third party applications

App developers and enterprise solution providers need logistics, asset management, government and public services. Developers wishing to use Maps API can choose their preferred map data provider for each transportation mean or select a project from Sygic.

“I am more than happy to share the important pieces from our kitchen with other developers and research teams. The market is changing rapidly and I am looking forward to see how we all can contribute to the fast-changing world around us. Self-driving cars, flying drones, smart cities are all things of our close future. Location based services and machine learning will become a significant part of any product excellence,“ said Martin Strigac, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Sygic.

Sygic Maps and Professional Navigation SDK will be officially launched at Transport & Logistic Trade Show in Munich, Germany from 9th to 12th of May. The other SDKs will be launched in the next months.