Sygic Professional Navigation SDK for Android based fleet and workforce management solutions offers several integration options:

  • creating standalone application, which talks to navigation through Android IPC
  • creating integrated application, which embeds navigation in a window-in-window form using navigation library emebedding
  • creating application which loosely communicates with navigation through custom URL scheme

Moreover SDK library functions can be divided into 2 categories: supporting 2D (legacy version) or 3D navigation engine. Please note that 3D use requires higher performance Android devices.

  • Run demo

    In four steps you will be able to run the navigation-integrating demo application on your Android device and see the way custom application…

  • Getting started

    Select the integration type that suits your needs, being it Standalone or Embedded. And get started using Android Studio, Eclipse or Xamarin…

  • Installation and Activation

    We guide you through the installation process of navigation and its SDK components and enlist all possible activation options.

  • API

    Go over the navigation functionalities accessible by API, such as Location, Navigation, Routing, Poi Management, Search, and see the function…

  • Changelog

    See what has been changed between releases for both the navigation functionality and API

  • FAQ

    Browse through various topics, which our customers encountered as issues and get some tips to development.

  • Downloads

    Here you can download prepared SDK packages for all types of integrations with our latest versions of navigation, including examples.