Change Log

12.0.0 (2019-05-17)


  • Interface: Fix typos on public facing methods

See migration guide for more info

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Correct jni signature
  • Android: Fix crash on Android O and NPE after Http request cancellation
  • Android: Fix NPE for GET request and weird SSL issue exception
  • Android: Make GetStaticMethod() function thread-safe
  • Core: Fix multilnag support
  • Interface: Fix decodeDrawable to work with vectors now
  • Interface: Fix typos in LoggisticInfoSettings
  • Map: Add high priority propagation when prefetching road and area data
  • Map: Cancel pending requests when unloading online maps
  • Map: Handle area rectangles with too many vertices by discarding some geometry
  • Map: Handle malformed road geometry cases
  • Map: Limit number of active requests to prevent timeouts
  • Map: Reduce artifacts in generated road geometry
  • Navigation: Handle parallel roads with the same first and last geometry point
  • Routing: Out of map selection error handling with Automatic compute mode in offline
  • Routing: Routing option restrictions - Tunnel, Hazmat and Vehicle
  • Search: Disable token reordering for postal codes and address masks
  • Search: Enable unmatched tokens in address point
  • Search: Fix online search causing crash on empty poi details
  • Search: Fix online search discarding poi category and group results
  • Search: Fix search skipping tokenizations
  • Search: Handle nullptr correctly on search results container


  • Android: Pull up distanceFromStart attribute to interface
  • Android: Remove DynamicPenalty and extend RoutingOptions class
  • Core: Add automatic telemetry and gps logs cleaning
  • Core: Add default language tag setter
  • Interface: Allow setting of custom restriction images into map
  • Interface: Enable setting of restriction images through LogisticInfoSettings
  • Map: Enable online maps via json configuration on startup. Key=MapReaderSettings/startup_online_maps_enabled
  • Routing: Add distance from route start to waypoint class