Change Log

9.4.0 (2019-03-25)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: device id and device name generator crash
  • Core: fix for adding duplicate operations
  • Core: Refactor FutureCache, fix potential access to destroyed this pointer, fix FutureContext propagation
  • Core: remove deprecated parking and fuel prices services from Places
  • Core: Return empty Place structure on failure while loading place
  • Core: Set logger level to Max after logger deinitialization
  • Core: Telemetry log size fix
  • DriversBehavior: Final score doesn't contain events with zero penalization
  • Interface: replace HashSet with CopyOnWriteArraySet for geoToScreen callbacks
  • Map: Correct distance used when offseting screen center causing black screen in FollowGps mode on globe
  • Map: Fix duplicitly loaded maps during online/offline map load/unload
  • Map: Fix possible crash when displaying logistic data with no LogisticInfoSettings
  • Map: Fix potential crash when asynchronously loading multilang headers
  • Map: Fix uncorrect path geometry simplification algorithm case to handle cyclic geometry
  • Map: Fixed addition of redundant bounding boxes for speed cams & logistic attributes that are not rendered
  • Map: Route progress reset after route cancel
  • Navigation: Correct distance to pois in POR analyzer after recompute
  • Navigation: Default truck max speed set to 255kmh instread of 0kmh
  • Navigation: Fixed POR analyzer
  • Search: Error response nullptr handling
  • Search: fill place id for all POI types
  • Search: Places in area missing place id
  • Search: Prevent broken promise caused by read error
  • Search: update conversion tables with new categories and groups


  • Map: Camera tilt is preserved in gps movement mode
  • Map: Truck prohibited roads visualization

Performance Improvements

  • Core: Vector normalization now uses reciprocal square root
  • Map: Heightmap performance refactor
  • Map: MapReader height data speed and memory optimizations