Change Log


Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix typo in createRoutePlanFromJSONString
  • Core: Do not render empty lane assist view if there are no data to display
  • Map: Enable rendering of global level pois
  • Map: Fix missing backgrounds in map view
  • Map: Fix polyline reading crash
  • Navigation: Resolve create trajectory fight
  • Navigation: Fix wrong key to Traffic Delay sound warning
  • Search: Fix nondeterministic ordering of pois having same coordinates
  • Traffic: map load/unload signals handling


  • Interface: Add getter for warningTypeVisibility
  • iOS: Add [SYRoutingDelegate routing:recomputingFailedWithError:] method to notify recompute errors.
  • Map: Add skin setting for poi major/minor category
  • Routing: Calculated routes should now take into account boat ferries in mode "natural" way.
  • Routing: Turn off online alternatives during recompute requests