What is Real-time Route Sharing

Are you headed home from work? Or picking someone up? Share your route, estimated time of arrival and real-time position on the map with your family and friends so they know exactly when to expect you.

Drive with Sygic GPS Navigation and let people know where you are and when you’ll arrive. You can share your planned route, estimated time of arrival and real-time location on the map. The people you choose to share your route with will get a simple message that contains link to your current position, so they can see how close you are to your destination in real time.

Your planned route will be visible on the Glympse map, which can be viewed in a browser or in the Glympse application (download it for free for iOS, Android or Windows). Your current position and predicted time of arrival are frequently updated. So if you run late or travel faster than initially calculated, the person viewing the map will always get accurate information about your whereabouts. Find out more about the Route sharing feature here.

Just plan your route, open the Quick Menu, tap Route info and then Route Sharing.

Real-time Route Sharing is a paid feature, available as a part of our Premium+ subscription. Please visit Sygic Store on your device to check out our latest offer.

Please note that you will need internet connection to be able to share your route.

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