Release Notes

14.0.0 (2019-07-15)


  • Interface: onRecomputeError method removed from public interface
  • iOS: Deleting unnecessary SYMapView method to allow user handle return values from every addAnnotation call separately.
  • iOS: SYRoutingDelegate protocol method recomputingFailedWithError was removed and existing computingFailedWithError should be used instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Handle onCapabilitiesChanged spam
  • Android: Add Android N+ equivalent for deprecated ConnectivityManager
  • Map: Fix data race in trajectory creation failure continuation
  • Navigation: Fix crash after invalid graph path in lanes analyzer
  • Navigation: Fix crash and large memory allocations in lanes analyzer
  • Navigation: MapMatching correctly reads prohibited maneuvers
  • Routing: When automatic is set for routing service it will now correctly retain this setting after calculated route is returned.


  • Interface: Remove onRecomputeError method from router interface
  • Interface: Replace online Routing services with one Online service value
  • iOS: Delete SYMapView.addAnnotations method
  • iOS: Fix SYCustomPositionSource updateHeading
  • iOS: SYGeoCoordinate.isValid, SYMapView.addAnnotation return success state
  • iOS: SYMapView method addAnnotations is successful only if all annotations have valid coordinates, no annotation is added otherwise
  • Map: Filter road signs by priority on LOD >= 2