Change Log

17.0.0 (2020-08-07)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Fix dispatcher executor_traits after SYL integration
  • Map: Allow processing polygon with touching vertices and fix errors in polygon calculation
  • Map: Draw capitalized city center label if it is set in the skin
  • Map: Fix blending of dashed polyline inner part with borders
  • Map: Return connection error when online map list failed to load
  • Map: Set empty progress callbacks in MapLoader constructor
  • Map: Store view size for TextureView
  • Places: Handle properly custom places categories
  • Windows: Handle already downloaded files when resuming a download


  • Android: Add delay attribute to Waypoint
  • Android: Add documentation to position, course and fix router documentation
  • Android: Add NonNull to CoreInitCallback onError()
  • Android: Add Android EV interface
  • Android: Add basic Bluetooth SCO support. request audio focus for TTS sounds
  • Android: Add buffering time for HFP
  • Android: Call listeners in custom Executor
  • Android: Add getAudioRoute in AudioManager
  • Android: Implement HFP delay
  • Android: Implement Android interface for the new map API
  • Android: Implement search category page request
  • Android: Add interface for premium incidents
  • Android: Remove remote control
  • Android: Add wait for HFP connection and force speaker
  • Core: Add HTTP delete request
  • DriversBehavior: Deprecate DriversBehavior or ANR and iOS interfaces
  • iOS: Add EV interface
  • iOS: New search iOS interface
  • iOS: New SYMaploader interface
  • IOS: Add premium flag to incident link
  • Map: Add EV POI support to interface
  • Map: Add MapLoader functions that allow loading/unloading of multiple maps at once
  • Search: Integrate Sygic Search Library to Maps SDK
  • Map: Add partially installed status for map packages
  • Map: Add monolit map provider
  • Map: Preprocess polygon with right angles for smoother appearance
  • Map: Provide service for access to terrain height
  • Map: Read and display EV Poi data
  • Map: Recognise maps installed manually in the MapLoader
  • Navigaiton: Add EV profile settings
  • Navigation: Add battery status for electric vehicles
  • Navigation: Add ExploreChargingStationsAtPosition
  • Online: Remove OnlineRemoteControl
  • Routing: Add CalculateEVRange function
  • Routing: Add CalculateRouteWithStops for EV
  • Routing: Add ExploreChargingStationOnRoute
  • Routing: Add GetChargingWaypoints function
  • Search: Integrated SygicSearchLibrary for Android SygicMaps


  • Multiple deprecated features have been removed from IOS and Android interface. See Migration guide for more information.
  • Search: Search Session is now required for requesting autocomplete/geocode/places
  • Android: NonNull annotation added to CoreInitCallback onError() method parameter
  • Map: Old MapLoader interface has been removed, the new, c-style, interface
    must be used
  • Online: Remove OnlineRemoteControl