Change Log

18.1.1 (2020-11-09)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix creating singleton is threadsafe to avoid multiple instances
  • Android: Fix JNI crash when calling GetRouteAvoidOptionsViolation()
  • Android: Fix stopping of TTS sound
  • Android: Fix debug symbols for firebase (do not use LLD linker)
  • Android: Add missing singleton qualifier to Autoinitialize annotation in places manager
  • Core: Report available update for regions converted from old MapLoader
  • Core: Verify package extracted from the installedpackages.xml before converting it
  • Navigation: Fix issue with signals which could cause crash

18.1.0 (2020-10-26)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Check initialization of Route class from Parcel during app recreation. Checking if SygicContext is initialized
  • Android: Fix internet connection detection (wifi,ethernet and other networks are not automatically detected as connected to internet)
  • Core: Improve stability while sdk deinitializing
  • iOS: Properly convert vehicle dimensions for routing options
  • Map: Calculate height relief shading with preserved color of horizontal areas
  • Map: Correctly test if road should be closed for truck
  • Map: Fix reading and drawing Police incidents
  • Map: Format logistics restriction value each time display units are changed
  • Map: Ignore faulty landmark models
  • Map: Pick first logistic attribute that has violated it's restriction rather than always picking the first logistic attribute by priority
  • Navigation: Do not use railway crossing warn distance below distance set in JSON config
  • Navigation: Fix incomplete progress while analyzing radars and incidents on route
  • Navigation: Fix radar analyzer types
  • Navigation: Say instruction for non tts voices even if some words are missing
  • Routing: Fix crash for online route full serialization/deserialization with country split maps
  • Routing: Fix crash in route calculation on x86 architecture caused by custom memory pool allocator


  • Core: Report install progress of map resource
  • iOS: Add routing transport modes: TransportTruck, DeliveryTruck
  • Map: Add support for drawing custom POI categories
  • Navigation: Add Trajectory interface
  • Routing: Add dimensional properties to request for Van - DeliveryTruck now respects general dimensional restrictions
  • Routing: StreetChanged signal now reports if you are in an urban area