Chage Log

8.2.0 (2019-02-13)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Delay initialization call for managers
  • Android: Delay initialization call for managers
  • Android: fixed MapFragment creation from xml layout
  • Core: Fix access token validity timestamp calculation.
  • Core: Fix length of logged message
  • Core: lot of timeouts crash
  • Core: Online::PlacesServiceLocator correctly deinitialized
  • Interface: MapView onTouchListener invalid event.
  • Interface: transfer marker id from java to cpp implementation
  • Navigation: Online Route splitting based on instructions instead of road elements
  • Routing: Routes should no longer crash when they are computed with country avoid settings.
  • Routing: Routing should now offer correct country avoid options.
  • Search: Fix assert in uri encoding


  • Android: extend DriverBehavior android interface
  • Core: Add credentials for telemetry and GPS log appender configuration
  • Core: Pridaj do QT podporu pre nastavenie timeoutu requestom z online maps
  • iOS: Addded new SYLaneType enum values
  • Search: add search url to global settings
  • Search: Allow fuzzy matching poi category names only in user preferred language
  • Search: Enable overriding of search result ranking in request