Changelog Sygic 2D

SDK version 8.50 18C, 23rd of October 2018, builds:

Android - RBA-10351
Linux - RBL-10532
Linux ARM - RBLA-10276
Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-10340
Windows CE - RBC-10268
Windows Mobile - RBM-10253

  • stability and compatibility fixes

SDK version 8.50 18B, 19th of June 2018, builds:

Android - RBA-10341
Linux - RBL-10530
Linux ARM - RBLA-10272
Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-10337 MD
Windows CE - RBC-10266
Windows Mobile - RBM-10251

  • stability and compatibility fixes

SDK version 8.50 18A, 14th of March 2018, builds:

Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-10323
Windows CE - RBC-10252

  • stability and compatibility fixes

SDK version 8.50 17B, 21st of November 2017, builds:

Android - RBA-10325
Linux - RBL-10517
Linux ARM - RBLA-10256
Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-10320
Windows CE - RBC-10249
Windows Mobile - RBM-10235

  • stability and compatibility fixes

SDK version 8.50 17A, 1st of March 2017, builds:

Android - RBA-10244
Linux - RBL-10454
Linux ARM - RBLA-10188
Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-10221
Windows CE - RBC-10176
Windows Mobile - RBM-10164

  • [SDK] load pre-computed route
  • [SDK] load municipal route
  • [SETTING] prefer right turn
  • [SETTING] prohibit U-turns after reaching waypoints for defined truck lenght
  • [UI] when searching postal codes, city name is displayed

SDK version 8.50 15L, 1st of August 2016, builds:

Android - RBA-10096
Linux - RBL-10294
Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-10077
Windows CE - RBC-10049
Windows Mobile - RBM-10056

  • [SDK] Added exception message for invalid license
  • [SDK] Added new SDK examples
  • [GENERAL] General bug fixes and improvements

SDK version 8.50 15k, 27th of April 2016, builds:

Android - RBA-10061
Linux ARM - RBLA-10038
Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-10077

  • [UI][SDK] Added city districts in address
  • [SETTING] Added setting to display custom POIs on all zoom levels
  • [SETTING] Added setting to set a value of zoom level
  • [GENERAL] General bug fixes and improvements

SDK version 8.50 15j, 20th of October 2015, builds:

Android - RBA-00025
Windows CE - RBC-00033
Windows Mobile - RBM-00028
Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-00022

  • [COMPUTING] routing improvements
  • [COMPUTING] U turn allowed for car navigation on less important roads
  • [SDK] getLocationInfo() now also returns the distance of the closest road
  • [SDK] getSdkVersion() added for Windows
  • [SDK] added EVENT_INVISIBLE_REACHED for invisible waypoints
  • [SETTING] enable/disable parkways in settings.ini
  • [SETTING] enable/disable choosing a new destination if the original is unreachable in settings.ini
  • [ANDROID] solved issues with writing on SDK card on KitKat and higher versions

SDK version 8.50 15i, 10th April 2015, builds:

Android - RBA-00024
Windows CE - RBC-00020
Windows CE x86 - RBCX86-00004
Windows Mobile - RBM-00018
Windows XP/7/8 - RBX-00020

  • [UI] Next street is now displayed on the top of the screen for better overview
  • [UI] When arriving to a destination, the destination address is dispayed on the top of the screen
  • [COMPUTING] A warning added when navigating to prohibited or delivery road
  • [COMPUTING] Emergency routing finetuning
  • [FEATURES] Workmates functionality improvements
  • [SDK] Included workmates API, documentation and examples
  • [SETTING] Switch computing to restricted areas behaviour preferences in settings.ini – automatic or manual
  • [SETTING] Set preffered voice and visual instruction distance on highways in settings.ini
  • [VERSION] Added getSdkVersion function consistent with GetApplicationVersion
  • [VERSION] Improved application versioning in About Sygic Fleet
  • [GPS] GPS dead reckoning signal is now accepted for Digitax HW

SDK version 8.50 15h2, 6th November 2014, build 62064

-Package redesign – release packages contain navigation + SDK library + examples + demo maps all in one
-New online documentation for developers – packages refer to online documentation at

SDK version 8.50 15h, 23rd September 2014, build 62064

  • [FIX] Improved SDK demos
  • [FIX] High resolution screens are now supported
  • [TRUCK] More Hazmat restrictions
  • [TRUCK] Improved truck signs in map
  • [ROUTING] Forced routing from PTV xServer
  • [ROUTING] Route calculation for Emergency now ignores speed limits
  • [ROUTING] Navigation to closed roads without prompts
  • [GPS] AGPS switched on on Android

SDK version 8.50 15g_1, 8th January 2014, build 53278

  • [GENERAL] Improvements in truck and emergency route computing
  • [GENERAL] Private and limited areas (IPM) are penalized, not prohibited. If starting or destination point is in IPM area, route is calculated (requires 2013.09 or newer maps)
  • [GENERAL] Emergency routing: if destination is on a closed road, flag is placed at exact destination and route is calculated to closest accessible position
  • [GENERAL] Added setting for changing distance when instructions are announced (NextDirectionDistanceFactor=100)
  • [GENERAL] Added setting for visibility zoom level for geofiles and geofence files (maxGfZoomLevel=2 and maxRadZoomLevel=2)
  • [GENERAL] Added setting for prohibiting cars to be navigated via closed roads close to the destination - last mile computing (UseStrictComputing=yes)
  • [GENERAL] Added possibility to disable Report traps screen
  • [GENERAL] Unified map zoom level between Map and Navigate To screens
  • [GENERAL] Improved zoom in/out at navigation screen on Android
  • [GENERAL] Switched of autozoom out when GPS signal is lost
  • [GENERAL] Minor design changes
  • [FIX] Fixed crash when navigating from current position to current position
  • [FIX] Fixed Crash when rotating display on Android
  • [FIX] Resources are found also on SD card with name containing hyphen
  • [FIX] Fixed crash when maximum zoom-in at north/south pole
  • [FIX] Maps can be switched in Android via settings Switch Map menu
  • [FIX] Incorrect date read fixed from RSV files on Linux when daylight savings applied
  • [FIX] file needed for Sygic Update Utility is created properly
  • [FIX] Favorites can be saved after creating favorites and restarting Drive
  • [FIX] POIs are saved to Favorites via Navigate To menu
  • [FIX] Change of truck parameters does not initiate recompute of cancelled route
  • [FIX] Improved correct display of house numbers
  • [FIX] When creating an itinerary and if destination point was not accessible, replacement point is now correctly saved to the itinerary
  • [FIX] Fixed crash when changing route preferences on Android
  • [SDK-FIX] Fixed - RouteInfo.GetEstimatedTimeArival was lower by 10h compared to time in navigation

SDK version 8.50 15f, 6th May 2013, build 50469

  • [GENERAL] Special route computing for North America
  • [GENERAL] Route computing optimizations
  • [GENERAL] Navigation for delivery trucks, implemented in computing
  • [GENERAL] Route menu contains Planning Preferences
  • [GENERAL] Browse Map view remembers last zoom level
  • [GENERAL] Regional setting for weigth with metric or imperial tons
  • [GENERAL] Geo functionality is now licensed
  • [SDK] New EVENT_NEXT_INSTRUCTION to get next instruction shown to the driver
  • [SDK] New EVENT_BROWSE_MAP_EXIT for notification about user closing the Browse Map
  • [SDK] New method RemoveBitmaps for removing all added bitmaps to map
  • [SDK] SChangeOption.SetTimeZone in now read/write
  • [SDK] GetcurrentSpeedLimit returns country speed limit if the road does not have speed details

SDK version 8.50 15e, 24th April 2013, build 50395

  • [GENERAL] Significant route computing improvements for Europe - optimized shorter routes, ferries prioritization lowered, improved prohibited maneuvers, crossing penalization
  • [GENERAL] Navigation out of restricted area
  • [GENERAL] Added multiple options for Android back key behavior
  • [GENERAL] Added additional options panels to navigation screen set by Advanced settings menu
  • [GENERAL] Multiple waypoints on one road elements or neighbouring elements are allowed
  • [GENERAL] Geofence areas can be avoided (new RAD file specification)
  • [SDK] Android inicialization API simplified in SDK V2
  • [SDK] Unified *.h files for libraries and examples
  • [SDK] Enhancements of the Android SDK examples
  • [SDK] New parameters PrioritizeAPI and ExclusiveCompute in settings.ini for ensuring Drive reacts to BringApplicationForeground also during route computing
  • [FIX] TMC application ocassional crash with older maps resolved
  • [FIX] Rotate display for Windows XP, XE was is now working
  • [FIX] Android - findNearbyPoiList() returns array correctly
  • [FIX] Android - memory leaks related to GPS resolved
  • [FIX] Driving in wrong direction ocassional crash resolved
  • [FIX] ChangeApplication rectangle height/width swapping resolved

SDK version 8.30 15d, 30th October 2012, build 44268

  • [GENERAL] New parameter SearchOnlyCustomPoi hides default POIs
  • [GENERAL] New parameter onlyDimensionalRestrictions allows to apply dimensional restrictions on regular cars
  • [GENERAL] New parameter truckAsk disables truck settings in first run wizard
  • [GENERAL] Automatic trial mode (requires special trial code)
  • [GENERAL] Improved route computing for trucks
  • [GENERAL] Speedwarnings are available on every road
  • [GENERAL] Remote license activation
  • [GENERAL] LAN MAC address as device ID on Windows XP
  • [SDK] New event EVENT_RESTRICTED_ROAD fires when truck is on a road with restrictions
  • [SDK] Class SRouteInfo provides information on remaining distance and time to all waypoints
  • [SDK] API function ReloadExternalFiles reloads all files from from Res/geofiles folder - GF files, Geofence files and custom TMC event list
  • [SDK] New filestructure and set of examples and demos

SDK version 8.30 15c, 11th July 2012, build 40117

  • [UI] Landscape layout
  • [GENERAL] POI UPI files are cached to speed up application with too many custom POIs
  • [SDK] SDK v2 - Java wrapper for Android SDK
  • [SDK] New file format for defining GeoFences as polygons with user-defined max speed
  • [SDK] New event EVENT_GEOFENCE, fired when a GeoFence area is crossed
  • [GENERAL] Passed route can be shown in different color
  • [GENERAL] It is possible to limit, how long distance of route ahead is displayed in the map

SDK version 8.50 15a, 15th May 2012, build 34228

  • [GENERAL] Workmates functionality
  • [UI] Truck settings are in the first run wizard

SDK version 8.30 14t, 27th April 2012, build 37192

  • [SDK] API function SkipNextWaypoint
  • [ITINERARY] Visible and invisible waypoints can be set as visited with defined radius (not strict waypoints, magnetic waypoints)
  • [ITINERARY] Recorded route file remembers, which waypoints are passed already
  • [SDK] API function CloseDialogs to close map view
  • [SDK] API function GetCoordinatesFromOffset
  • [SDK] API function HighlightPoi blinks the POI with blue rectangle
  • [SDK] Custom bitmaps can be shown also in the 3D navigation view
  • [SDK] User click on POI raises an event
  • [SDK] New parameter SChangeOption.bAllowClosedRoads to allow driving on private roads (farms, etc.)

SDK version 8.30 14s, 13th December 2011, build 31482

  • [TTS] Available libraries for Android, except Brazilian Portuguese
  • [TTS] Improved direction instructions with TTS
  • [COMPUTING] New parameter to prefer avoiding of cities and crossings
  • [COMPUTING] New parameter to allow navigation on unpaved roads
  • [COMPUTING] New parameter to avoid ferries
  • [COMPUTING] If destination is not reachable by the vehicle defined, driver is prompted to select another destination
  • [GENERAL] Driver's log feature
  • [GENERAL] Feature to edit truck restrictions on road

SDK version 8.30 14r, 17th October 2011, build 29521

  • [GENERAL] New high-contrast day skin included, possible to switch to original
  • [SDK] New function to start loging of tripbook

SDK version 8.30 14q, 12th August 2011, build 27948

  • [NAMESEARCH] House numbers on the street are searched only for the defined city part
  • [SDK] Bitmaps inserted with AddBitmapToMap raise an event when they are clicked on
  • [TRUCK] The setting menu is simplified, advanced can be accessed with settings.ini parameter AdvancedTruck
  • [GENERAL] POI search in the menu "Navigate To" can be extended to larger radius settings.ini parameter PoiSearchRadius
  • [GENERAL] Gradient can be switched off with settings.ini parameter gradient
  • [SDK] Faster SDK communication
  • [SDK] Switched off error messages, when computing a route via SDK
  • [SDK] Possibility to load GF files describing lines displayed map
  • [SDK] When route computing fails on unreachable destination, the error description contains the coordinates of the closes point reachable
  • [NAMESEARCH] Navigation to intersection of roads via SDK

SDK version 8.30 14m, 20th May 2011, build 24695

  • [COMPUTING] New RouteParameter to set accelerated route computing
  • [GENERAL] Command line parameter to set parent window -wFFFFFFFF, possible to set in InitApi
  • [NAMESEARCH] Fixed search in alternative languages
  • [SDK] Included event for speed exceeding

SDK version 8.30 14k, 7th April 2011, build 23112

  • [SKIN] More distant autozoom in 2D mode
  • [GENERAL] Map version info in About dialog
  • [VOICES] No message about state crossing in USA
  • [TRUCK] US street signs for USA map
  • [TRUCK] Possible to select only dimensional restrictions
  • [GENERAL] GPS port opened as shared
  • [COMPUTING] Improved computing of short routes (intravilan)
  • [COMPUTING] Improved memory allocation for route computing
  • [GENERAL] Fix for SD S/N on Motorola MC70

SDK version 8.30 14i, 8th February 2011, Linux, Android

  • [GENERAL] New action VkMinimize defined in keymap.ini

SDK version 8.30 14g, 13th December 2010, build 19687

  • [TMC] Functional Live traffic over IP
  • [TMC] Live traffic information possible to restrict to local radius in settings.ini
  • [TTS] API functions for TTS added
  • [SDK] Overloaded function GetLocationInfo returns inforamtion about the road

SDK version 8.30 14d, 18th October 2010, build 17733

  • [SDK] New function GetActualGpsPosition returning lOffset

SDK version 8.30 14c, 1st October 2010, build 15899

  • [SDK] New overloaded function GetNearbyPoi
  • [SDK] New functions for defining TMC events and for live traffic functionality

SDK version 8.30 RC14, 27th August 2010

  • [GENERAL] New core v8
  • [SDK] New functions SaveComputedRoute, LoadComputedRoute
  • [GENERAL] Live traffic funcitonality
  • [GENERAL] New UI
  • [GENERAL] Support for new ZIP codes, possibility to define 6 letter ZIP in NL
  • [GENERAL] Support for new Russian maps
  • [NAMESEARCH] Fixed multilanguage search for city quarters
  • [SDK] New overloaded function GetLocationInfo returning the class SRoadInfo

SDK version 7.71 13f, 30th March 2010, build 11530

  • [NAMES] Corrected fuzzy search for two word names
  • [NAMES] Address search jumps directly into the previous used country
  • [SDK] Reorganized directory structure in SDK
  • [SDK] Added new examples
  • [GENERAL] Device code for SD card also from Windows CE 6.0
  • [SDK] Added functions GetMapVersion and GetApplicationVersion in SDK
  • [GENERAL] New feature - smart backlight. When not navigating, the display dimming is allowed
  • [TRUCK] Added visual warnings for trucks

SDK version 7.71 13e, 16th February 2010 [LINUX, ANDROID]

  • [GENERAL] corrected directory structure in Linux version
  • [GENERAL] new Android version

SDK version 7.71 13e, 21st December 2009 [SDK, MOBILE]

  • [GENERAL] Windows MOBILE version signed
  • [SDK XP] Corrected usage of CRT8.0 in SDK libraries

SDK version 7.71 13d, 21st December 2009

  • [GENERAL] Optimization of route snapping to free processor load
  • [UI] Optimization of map drawing to free processor load
  • [FEATURES] Corrections in Lane Assist for new maps
  • [SDK] Added invisible type of waypoint
  • [SDK] Added waypoint definition based on route element
  • [SDK] Added functionality for retrieving the next turn information

SDK version 7.71 RC13b, 19th November 2009

  • [GENERAL] Added Bulgarian, Croatian and Brazilian language

SDK version 7.71 RC13a, 19th November 2009 [SDK, MOBILE]

  • [SDK XP] Corrected usage of CRT8.0
  • [GENERAL] Windows MOBILE version had corrected settings.ini for activation

SDK version 7.71 RC13, 9th November 2009, Build 7252

  • [TRUCK] Added new truck attributes for HazMat
  • [TRUCK] Modified truck map graph in order to speed up route computing, new versions of maps
  • [TRUCK] Application can accept both truck and non-truck map
  • [TRUCK] New option to show only relevant truck data
  • [UI] Browsing of map modified to display truck data, one-way routes and not reachable roads

SDK version 7.71 RC12d, 9th October 2009 [WinMob]

  • [GENERAL] Windows MOBILE version signed

SDK version 7.71 RC12c, 31st August 2009

  • [UI] Browsing of POI limits the maximum displayed ammount

SDK version 7.71 RC12b, 19th August 2009 [WinCE]

  • [GPS THREAD] GPS data are being purged if not read out quickly
  • [UI] The route summary dialog is not being displayed after route compute to avoid possible crash if route being recomputed too quickly

SDK version 7.71 RC12a, 30th July 2009 [WinMob]

  • [VERSION] Bugfix in usage of AYGShell in version for Windows MOBILE

SDK version 7.71 RC12, 15th July 2009, Build 5988

  • [EVENTS] Added event EVENT_CUSTOM_MENU, which is raised by custom button that has not assigned a standard action.
  • [GENERAL] Changed timeout handling. If timeout passes out and the request of SDK function is still in queue, it is removed. If after timeout the request is being processed already, the SDK waits till response without timeouting.
  • [GENERAL] Application crashes related to SDK seen on some devices are solved.
  • [DOCUMENTATION] Modified Overview pages.

SDK version 7.71 RC11, 9th March 2009, Build 4184

  • Older changes not documented