Installation and Activation

  • Installation of Navigation

    Navigation is the key module for integration and as such needs to be installed prior deployment of the integrating application.

  • Installation of SDK Library

    The installation of SDK library means storing it locally on your computer and have it available for copying or importing into your project(s)

  • Activation with Trial code

    The activation with trial code is done with obtained trial code from Sygic. The trial code opens navigation application for a short period.

  • Web activation for online devices

    The web activation is a type of license preactivation, performed at Sygic Business License portal, based on a supplied list of device id's and/or…

  • Remote Activation for offline devices

    With offline devices it is necessary to place a unique license activation code directly on device with preinstallation procedure.

  • Remote Activation with Rest API

    With a bit of programming and online access you can directly program license activation yourself

  • Activation with product codes

    This activation is about applying a 16 digit product code within Sygic application, typically performed by an end user.

  • Activation with Content Provider App

    Activation methods for Android 10 versions on

  • Customization

    It is possible to customize navigation through the application settings and menu customization.

  • Licensing

    Sygic 3D Navigation is primarily sold with 1-year (or more-year) license scheme. This license scheme requires devices with access to Sygic servers.