Run demo with Sygic 3D

Installation of Demo Example on Windows10 with .NET

In four steps you will be able to run the navigation-integrating demo application on your Windows XP,7,8 or 10 device.
All available examples demonstrate the use of API functions for communicating with navigation core, and thus they illustrate designs of simple applications.
You need to have the Visual Studio (recommended Visual Studio 2015 or later) installed on your computer to try the demo application compilation process.

Step 1 : Download package

Download the navigation+sdk package zip with our Contact form. Make sure Windows 10 as Operating system is selected in the contact form.
You will receive the download link to your email in few seconds.

The package contains:

  • Navigation application inside the folder Navigation/
  • SDK library for application development inside the folder SDK/Lib
  • Demo application source code inside the folder SDK/Examples

After downloading please unzip it locally on your computer. It should look as follows:


Step 2 : Install Sygic navigation

Basically you only need to run installation through SygicTruck.msi on your target device.
The installer makes sure that:

  • the navigation Truck.exe will be installed appropriately into a system folder for easy install/uninstall management,
    by default into c:\Program Files\Sygic\Sygic Truck Navigation\bin\Truck.exe.
  • the drivers (ApplicationAPI.dll and sdkdriver.dll) are placed into appropriate system folders,
    by default into c:\Windows\System32

Step 3 : Build the demo example using Visual Studio

Open any of the existing demo examples contained in the package (folder SDK/Examples) via Visual Studio by clicking on a solution file (.sln).
Any project is preconfigured for a single click compilation, which generates ExampleXXX.exe (e.g. ExampleVNXABD.exe), in short Example.exe.
Please make sure the compilation is set for the Platform target x86 or Any CPU (not for x64)
The resulting Example.exe will reside in the folder VS.NET.XP.XXX/bin/Release.
Please makes sure the necessary ApplicationAPI.NET.dll is present next to the Example.exe, which should be automatically done through building process.
Also make sure you don't have presence of the old versions of drivers (sdkdriver.dll and ApplicationAPi.dll) next to your application. It is recommended to keep them always in the Windows system folder, which is normally automatically taken care of by the msi installer.
The following demo examples are available:

  • SDK/Examples/VS.NET.ApiBigDemo
    demonstrates a large set of api usecases with a mutlitab application on a big landscape screen
  • SDK/Examples/VS.NET.NaviEmbedDemo
    demonstrates mutliple options of embedding navigation into application, especially the windows in window option

Step 4 : Run the example

Start the Example.exe (ExampleVNCABD.exe, ExampleVNCMSD.exe, etc) on your device, either through a configurable start button or through OS shell.
In case your Truck.exe installation is not on the default path, set the correct path inside the running example.