Run demo with Standalone Integration


In four steps you will be able to run the navigation-integrating demo application on your Android device.
All available examples demonstrate the use of API functions for communicating with navigation core, and thus they illustrate designs of simple applications.
You need to have the Eclipse installed on your computer. If you don't have it please follow Download Eclipse ADT.

Step 1 : Download package

Download the navigation+sdk package zip with our Contact form.
Make sure Android as Operating system is selected in the contact form.
You will receive the download link to your email in few seconds (use the one with suffix IPC).
The package contains:

  • Navigation application as apk with resources files inside the folder Navigation
  • Demo application source code and supporting libraries inside the folder SDK/Examples

After downloading please unzip it locally on your computer. It should look as follows:


Step 2 : Build the demo example using Eclipse

Open any of the existing demo example projects contained in the package via Eclipse.
Each project represents single example and you can find it as a subfolder on the path SDK/Examples/.
Each project is preconfigured for a single click compilation, which generates .apk (e.g. IpcDemo3D.apk), in short Demo.apk.
Select one example for importing into Eclipse for compilation. The following demo examples are available for Eclipse:

  • SDK/Examples/IpcDemo3D
    demonstrates api usecases using 3D navigation engine
    The example is set to be bound to the product version Sygic Professional Navigation. By source code modification of Api.init call within the you may change binding to the other product versions such as Sygic Truck or Sygic Taxi. See Init API.

  • SDK/Examples/XamarinDemo3D
    demonstrates the same api usecase as IpcDemo3D but with a Xamarin programming

In case you have a problem with compilation there is a precompiled apk in the package inside SDK/Examples/XXX/precompiled.

Step 3 : Install apk's on your Android device

The previous step resulted in generating Demo.apk. Now we need to integrate it with Sygic navigation application version, which resides in the folder Navigation. You may choose any available, but by default the example is linked (through Api.init) to SygicTruck.apk application.

This step is to copy files to Android device's SD card:

  • copy appropriate navigation version from Navigation to sdcard root (e.g copy Navigation/Sygic3D/SygicTruck.apk to sdcard/) More details on how-to in Installation of 3D navigation
  • copy Demo.apk to sdcard root (e.g. copy IpcDemo3D.apk to sdcard/)

The setup on your device might look as follows:


The all you need is to install the two apk's in a standard way by clicking on apk through a File Manager.

Step 4 : Run the example

After successful installation of apk's two icons appear on your Android device. Click on the Demo icon, which will run the navigation demo example.