Change Log

10.1.0 (2019-04-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Generate map will release signal on online/offline map reload
  • Core: Don't create new execution branch in execution graph when OnFailure() callback setter is called
  • iOS: Fix wrong bitmap optimization that cause random artifacts around MapMarkers
  • Map: Fix of out of range vector in polyline object
  • Map: Fixed clear of visual data for roads on each recompute
  • Map: Fixed issue with invalid camera distance numeric value in vehicle size computation
  • Map: Fixed rendering of map smart label with image
  • Map: Reset markers IDs on map detach
  • Navigation: Clear trajectory cache in OnMapChanged signal
  • Navigation: Gps position matching to opposite route direction fix
  • Navigation: Quick fix future recover function in LA
  • Routing: Calculated routes in Russia no longer make unnecessary detours.
  • Routing: Previously unpenalized variants of u-turn are now correctly penalized
  • Routing: Route calculation no longer fails when endpoint is walkway and vehicle is car.
  • Routing: Shortcuts through lower road classes are now properly penalized.
  • Search: Fix incrementing poi search radius
  • Traffic: Stability fix
  • Android: Fix multimap JNI conversion


  • Android: Add calculate map rectangle method on camera interface
  • iOS: Add [SYMapView calculateCameraPropertiesForBoundingBox:transformCenter:rotation:tilt:maxZoomLevel:edgeInsets:] method to calculate camera properties to make reqested area visible with given parameters.
  • iOS: Add iOS interface implementation for violaded route options
  • Map: Calculate map rectangle functionality
  • Map: Extracted road sign padding size for override
  • Routing: Route now can inform user about broken avoid options directly
  • Search: Move reverse geocoder into separate module
  • Search: Remove unnecessary indirection in reverse geocoder

Performance Improvements

  • Navigation: Improve performance on part of an online trajectory that can't be matched

10.0.5 (2019-04-11)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Low net initialization/deinitialization crash fix
  • Navigation: Fixes POR in offline mode with online poi provider