Change Log

13.1.2 (2019-06-18)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Getting the int value correctly in JNI
  • Core: Fix debug console output print functions
  • Core: Fix spurious wakeup on dispatcher thread
  • Core: Supports missing of client secret data
  • Core: Reload online map manager config in core context initialization
  • Interface: Check argument values before calls
  • iOS: Junction RoundaboutSW type fix
  • iOS: Correct symapcamera properties setup
  • iOS: Fix SYMapCamera init values
  • Navigation: Fix crash after going to background
  • Navigation: Fix crash when missing road ids in road map matching
  • Navigation: Fix crash in audio module
  • Navigation: Fixes removing parallel roads in map matching
  • Routing: Add support for state boundary junction for online route
  • Routing: Correct roundabout uturn junction type
  • Routing: Correct use of DST and local time zone in computing
  • Routing: Fix roundaboud with bifurcation
  • Search: Fix addresspoint string with apostrophe causing infinite loop in algorithm
  • Search: Replace approximate position with the fine position
  • Search: Reverse geocoding can search also without walkways
  • Traffic: Thread safe reset cache


  • Core: Add diagnostics to dispatcher
  • Core: Replace std::function in executors by Library::UniqueFunction
  • Core: Add SFO function
  • Interface: Add HTTP read timeout
  • Interface: Replace LowHttp implementation with okhttp with http/2 support
  • Routing: Add bus navigation type
  • Routing: Add garbage truck navigation type
  • Routing: Add camper vehicle navigation type
  • Routing: Add delivery truck navigation type
  • Routing: Add option to avoid detours due to temporary closed roads
  • Routing: Implementation of emission zones

Performance Improvements

  • Map: Remove some allocations when fetching online map chunks
  • Map: Improve road processing with allocation optimizations
  • Map: Increase reading speed for cached online map data
  • Map: Optimize loading of landmark textures