Change Log

16.0.1 (2020-06-09)

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Recalculate camera position when mode is changed to free to prevent view skipping
  • Map: Remove usage of non-SDK interfaces for API >= 29
  • Map: Suppress exceptions when accessing an undefined key in JSON data
  • Navigation: Ensure road data processing will not run in main thread
  • Routing: Fix artificial elements in final route
  • Routing: Fix reading of the graph element from map
  • Traffic: Fix traffic crashes and enable some other near traffic events for compute
  • Map: Handle empty BatchAnimation object returned from calculateMapRectangle


  • Android: Change MapDownload and VoiceDownload to a singleton
  • Android: com.sygic.sdk.low.remote.RemoteControl has been deprecated and is no longer supported
  • Android: com.sygic.sdk.SygicContext.init(key, secret, path, context, tracking, logConnector, configData, remoteControl, callback) method has been deprecated.
  • Android: com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder has been deprecated
  • Android: Deprecate MapDownload constructor
  • Android: Enable/Disable method for remote GPS source has been deprecated
  • Android: Set autodetected voice after context initialization
  • Android: Workaround for HEAD requests with empty body and Content-Length
  • IOS: Deprecate initwith app key and initwith app key and secret methods in SYContext.
  • IOS: Deprecate Remote Control service and is no longer supported
  • Map: Add iOS interface for MapPolygon
  • Navigation: Add GeoHeading class, add timestamp to GeoPosition class
  • Navigation: Add UpdateHeading signal to custom position data source
  • Routing: Integrate Sygic Routing Library


  • Navigation: Rename Heading to Course on Android interface
  • Navigation: Add timestamp as NSDate to SYCustomPositionSource
  • iOS: Remove waypoint's mapped position
  • Android: Remove mapped position
  • Routing: Remove NAP
  • Map: Change the format of Library::CFont type in skin xml files.