Change Log

15.7.0 (2020-04-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Do not crash on get last location and try to recover
  • Core: Do selections on lockable executor
  • Core: Fix shared_ptr GraphElementImpl nullptr crash
  • Core: Use weak and shared ptrs instead of raw ones in http download tasks
  • Map: Keep only positive surface offsets
  • Map: Add tunnelType to JNI interface for logistic settings
  • Map: Allow the last argument in calculateFromMapRectangle() to be optional
  • Map: Allow to use hazardous materials as flags in interface
  • Map: Deinitialize references to java and jni MapView objects as soon as possible to protect against crash during their destruction
  • Map: Fix crash when listing multilang options
  • Map: Fix unaligned memory access in landmark reader
  • Map: Ingore traffic with length 0 on route
  • Map: Make the interface for calculation of camera position and orientation from map rectangle clearer
  • Map: Postpone renderer initialization flag to allow to initialize in the second try
  • Map: Teleport camera to the device if following it and camera is too far
  • Map: Use correct frame counter for collection alpha calculation
  • Navigation: Route will be canceled after its map has been unloaded to prevent unexpected behavior
  • Navigation: Fix speedlimit analyzer recursive crash
  • Online: Limit number of requests when missing the SSO session
  • Routing: Compute alternative routes only for the main compute job
  • Search: Fix failing autocomplete calls


  • Map: Add polygon support