Change Log

15.9.3 (2020-05-22)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Fix crash when road points count is zero and copy destination is null
  • Core: Remove possible undefined behaviour in telemetry appender
  • iOS: Fix typos in place category conversions
  • Map: Allow multiple animations in CameraState and animate them using batch animations
  • Map: Animate multiple changed attributes in CameraState using one animation
  • Map: Fix camera frustum calculation when view center is offset from middle of view
  • Map: Fix missing returns possibly causing crash when exiting app
  • Map: Fix view calculation from margin
  • Map: Fix short ton usage in Great Britain's logistic restrictions
  • Map: Fix geo position calculation from 3d coordinates
  • Navigation: Fix several possibly leaking captures in async and then
  • Position: Fix trajectory distance compare with zero
  • Routing: Enable Route::GetRoadElements for online route
  • Routing: Fix user traffic avoids


  • Map: Better country split support
  • Map: Provide interface access for polygon map object
  • Map: Support country split online maps
  • Routing: Sync version of Route::GetRoadElements marked as deprecated