Changelog Sygic 3D

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Sygic Navigation/Truck 22.0.0, 18.02.2022, build Android R-102069, Windows R-15648

  • Fixed a bug when it was not possible to use Danish in-app keyboard in all cases
  • Fixed a crash occurring when a golden image with offline settings was used
  • Fixed a bug when a waypoint could have been marked as visited when passing on a nearby road in precomputed routing
  • Added a customization option for displaying directional arrows on the road
  • Added an option to allow the user to use closed roads in precomputed routing
  • Added full support for emission categories with TomTom maps
  • Added a skip waypoint button at the bottom bar for precomputed routing
  • Added an avoid dialog for congestion charge zones
  • Visual improvements for custom POI icons on the route

Sygic Navigation/Truck 21.5.1, 09.12.2021, build Android R-101853, Windows R-15606

  • Added setting for searching custom POIs in FTS
  • Route preview displayed when precomputed route is loaded in UI
  • Licensing messages improved
  • Waypoints in precomputed routes are now supported
  • New URL route import added
  • Fixes and improvements for Android 12
  • Crashfixes

Sygic Navigation/Truck 21.4.3, 01.11.2021, build Android R-101960, Windows R-15564

  • Scale of affinity setting optimized – precomputed routes
  • Fix for recompute to original precomputed route
  • Precomputed route calculation errors fixed
  • Map matching through ferries improved
  • All POIs on route are now visible
  • Display of traffic delays improved
  • New error messages added when internet connection is not available
  • Crashfix when SOS button is used (Windows)
  • General data usage optimalization and improvements

Sygic Navigation/Truck 21.3.0, 10.08.2021, build Android R-100211, Windows R-15520

  • Map matching improvements
  • Error messages for map matched routes added
  • Driver Scoring Library updated
  • New setting for sending Driver Scoring trips on Wifi
  • Custom URL improvements
  • Closure avoidance fixed
  • Traffic info enhanced
  • Route Sender crash fixed

Sygic Navigation/Truck 21.2.0, 11.06.2021, build Android R-101853, Windows R-15466

  • Map matching enhanced
  • Redesign of POI icons, details and categories
  • Default POI by vehicle type
  • Nearby POI search improvements
  • Avoid traffic segment fixed
  • Skip FRW setting improvements

Sygic Navigation/Truck 21.1.0, 30.04.2021, build Android R-101803, Windows R-15426

  • App onboarding user-experience improvements
  • Sygic Store visual improvements
  • Map downloader improvements
  • Map Matching for Precomputed Routes implemented
  • Restore license screen implemented into FRW
  • New Android permission explanation screens
  • TomTom map error in-app reporting implemented
  • Custom URL improvements & fixes
  • Crashfixes

Sygic Navigation/Truck 21.0.0, 26.02.2021, build Android R-101746, Windows R-15382

  • New app message window visuals
  • New speedcams visuals
  • Vehicle profiles improvements
  • Route calculation enhanced
  • Android Content Provider activation method implemented
  • Other minor improvements & fixes


Sygic Navigation/Truck 21.0.1, 11.03.2021, Maven-only

  • Changed default settings.ini in Maven builds

Sygic Navigation/Truck 21.0.2, 19.03.2021, build Android R-101763, Windows R-15391

  • Fixed HAZMAT & tunnel code settings
  • Fixed last destination teaser window
  • Fixed Route Sender extension usability

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.6.0, 17.12.2020, build Android R-101673, Windows R-15315

  • "Lifeguard", a new car accident emergency SMS feature to help save lives on the roads
  • Custom URL usage limited in B2C licenses
  • Minor user-experience improvements
  • Other minor bugfixes and changes

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.5.0, 30.10.2020, build Android R-101633, Windows R-15265

  • Speed limits user interface can now be turned off
  • Fixes and improvements were made to vehicle profiles
  • Route calculation improvements
  • Minor user experience improvements and crash-fixes
  • License files are now properly handled at app start


Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.5.1, 06.11.2020, build Android R-101640, Windows R-15275

  • Most potent crashes fixed
  • Background location permission removed

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.5.2, 18.11.2020, build Android R-101650, Windows R-15282

  • Remote API usage fixed
  • Crashes after app exit fixed

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.4.0, 09.09.2020, build Android R-101589, Windows R-15209

  • Brand new app on-boarding
  • Custom vehicle profiles
  • Bus vehicle profile added
  • LHV Gigaliners routing implemented


Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.4.1, 28.09.2020, build Android R-101601, Windows R-15223

  • Fixed potent crashes
  • Corrected speed limits in Scotland for heavy trucks

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.4.2, 19.10.2020, build Android R-101623, Windows R-15245

  • IMEI permission request tied to Activate/Restore in order to activate pre-activated licenses for B2B clients installed via B2C channel
  • If maps are present but content (license) files are missing, the app downloads the content files on launch, skips map download and then sends the user directly to map view
  • Fixed potent Android crashes

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.3.0, 29.06.2020, build Android R-101523, Windows R-15124

  • Large Trucks (STAA) routing for USA added
  • Storage can be selected only for Map downloads
  • Caravan Speed limits adjusted
  • New crashfixes & improvements

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.2.0, 11.05.2020, build Android R-101480, Windows R-15056

  • SOS feature added for quick emergency help
  • Route calculation improvements
  • Fuel prices availability enhancements
  • Minor bugfixes and crashfixes

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.1.0, 25.03.2020, build Android R-101437, Windows R-14995

  • Traffic road closures on highway junctions are now fixed
  • Route calculation improvements for various vehicle types
  • Route planning fixes and improvements
  • Android ID B2B activation methods modified
  • Embedded crashfixes & UI fixes


20.1.1, 09.04.2020, build Android R-101453, Windows R-15002

  • Improved ETA calculation
  • Crashfixes and minor improvements
  • Minimum API level changed to 16

Sygic Navigation/Truck 20.0.0, 12.02.2020, build Android R-101403, Windows R-14960

  • Routing bugfixes and improvements
  • Route planning enhancements & bugfixes
  • Driving Style improvements
  • Free ride logistic warnings changes
  • Android ID used as a primary device ID from Android 8 and newer
  • App files moved to Android sandbox folder for Internal memory usecase
  • Android 10 permissions modifications


20.0.1, 13.02.2020, build Android R-101405, Windows R-14966

  • Top crashes from ver. 20.0.0 fixed
  • Fixed crash for m_bSetInternet=0 setting

20.0.2, 14.02.2020, build Android R-101407, Windows R-14969

  • High priority crash fixed

20.0.3, 24.02.2020, build Android R-101414, Windows R-14993

  • Fixed TTS warnings when passing a waypoint and the destination point
  • Fixed crash when calling a certain URL
  • Drivers Behaviour Fleet client ID set to com.sygic.fleet

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.9, 18.12.2019, build Android R-101361, Windows R-14884

  • Route planning UX improvements
  • Starting point selection is now more accessible
  • Full text search is now easier to use
  • Map rotation via finger gestures now possible
  • Crash fixes and other minor improvements

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.8, 30.10.2019, build Android R-101323, Windows R-14834

  • School zone warnings added
  • Multiple visual warnings at the same time are possible now
  • B-Double and B-Triple routing improvements in Australia
  • Fixes in the lane assistant for left-side driving countries

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.7, 25.9.2019, build Android R-101289, Windows R-14788

  • B-Double & B-Triple routing in Australia
  • ETA calculation improvements
  • User Interface enhancements
  • Stability improvements

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.6, 28.8.2019, build Android R-101247, Windows R-14732

  • Driving Style feature added for checking your driving style in comparison with other drivers
  • A2DP bluetooth profile added
  • User interface enhancements and fixes
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.5, 30.7.2019, build Android R-101201, Windows R-14657

  • Last mile functionality displaying restricted part of route in different colors
  • Fixes in displaying speed cameras in France
  • Fixes on roundabout instructions in UK
  • Fixes in displaying speed limits

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.4, 5.6.2019, build Android R-101146, Windows R-14584

  • 3 route alternatives displaying elevation of route
  • Speed camera fix for trucks
  • Stability improvements

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.3, 30.4.2019, build Android R-101035, Windows R-14523

  • Low emission zones (supported since the map release 19.03)
  • Support for SDL in-car connectivity
  • Updates and fixes to speedcameras
  • Improvements and fixes in a search for custom POIs
  • Improved look of Sygic Store
  • Icons and some fixes for Android 9

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.2, 14.3.2019, build Android R-100957, Windows R-14445

  • Municipal routing
  • Custom URL supporting oversize van setting
  • Custom POI icons supported in POI on route
  • Roundabout fixes
  • Push route functionality moved from Azure to Firebase
  • Address formatting for Australia
  • Download progress shown on map
  • Stability fixes and improvements

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.9.1, 31.1.2019, build Android R-100893, Windows R-14389

  • Route received from Google Maps can be saved for later
  • Possibility to report unsatisfactory route calculation
  • Modernized font

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.8.7, 21.12.2018, build Android R-100855, Windows R-14339

  • New routing modes "Prefer main roads" and "Prefer local roads"
  • Stability fixes and improvements
  • Android 9 compatibility fixes

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.8.5, 9.11.2018, build Android R-100810, Windows R-14256

  • Three alternative routes
  • Waypoint sequence optimization
  • "Prohibition of overtaking of trucks" traffic sign
  • "Offroad mode" in uncharted areas

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.8.3, 30.7.2018, build Android R-100698, Windows R-14090

  • Showing street view of a destination on the approach path
  • Speaking the destination address on the approach path
  • House numbers displayed in navigation mode on the approach path
  • Fuel prices in Germany, Spain and Australia from government data
  • Fixed routing related to hazardous materials
  • Minor UI redesigns on map

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.8.2, 21.6.2018, build Android R-100662, Windows R-14006

  • Traffic rerouting improved
  • UI improvements
  • Android keyboard implemented
  • Search field scrolling added
  • Infobar settings restored
  • 'Manage maps' in main menu, 'Regional settings' one level higher
  • GDPR consent

Sygic Navigation/Truck 13.8.0, 13.4.2018, build Android R-100515, Windows R-13882

  • Truck profiles
  • Improved notifications for Android 8
  • Further improvements on Lane assist
  • Support for What3Words
  • Navigation for last mile in industrial areas
  • Improved support for "avoid congestion charge"
  • Improved "avoid toll roads"
  • New login authentication
  • Support for different processor architectures
  • API function ShowDialog

Sygic Fleet/Truck 13.7.6, 9.2.2018, build Android R-100370, Windows R-13697

  • Pushing routes from Sygic server to navigation
  • Voice instructions give both street name and road number in US
  • Improved route computing on smallest roads
  • TTS voice turned on by default
  • Croatian TTS language added
  • Groups in Manage maps menu
  • Improvements in iOS version

Sygic Fleet/Truck 13.7.5, 20.12.2017, build Android R-100315, Windows R-13624

  • Fixes for traffic overlapping on highways
  • Fixed start from delivery zone
  • Avoid of lower class rotues for heavy vehicles
  • Reduced application size
  • New event for Speed limit change
  • Instructions overview list
  • Menu icons changed
  • Stability improvements

Sygic Fleet/Truck 13.7.4, 2.11.2017, build R-100249

  • Full-text search (FTS) function (like Google)
  • Old address search remains available
  • FTS address formatting for USA
  • Editable search field
  • Paste support for search field
  • Share text in Android to search field
  • Traffic downloaded only for 200km ahead on route
  • Lane assist functions fix
  • Datalimiter fix for precise counting
  • fix of missing display of street name
  • fix of current street visualization after device rotation
  • Reduced dependencies in embedded SDK
  • Geofence visualization
  • Lock-screen notification with navigation arrow
  • Compatibility with Android 8
  • Map update not updating terrain file
  • Fixes for Honeywell CT50
  • Traffic data for Canada split to provinces
  • Fixed location provider for Sony
  • Voice instructions muted during phone call
  • Improvements in U-turns and in recompute near destination
  • Improved sharp-curve warning, warning more early

Sygic Fleet/Truck 13.7.3, 6.9.2017, build R-100143

  • Panorama view on highways with higher zoomout
  • Reworked lane assist with spoken instructions
  • Sharp curve warning appearing sooner
  • Routing and recomputing fixes
  • U-turns reworked with settings menu
  • Support for multi-window on Android 7
  • Warning sign when driving on delivery only roads
  • Fixed speedcam warning for radars not on road
  • Fixed avoid of toll roads in Netherlands
  • Fixes for Galaxy S8
  • Faster installation of non-Play apk
  • https communication reworked

Sygic Truck 13.7.1, 9.6.2017, build R-100884

  • Custom changes of truck attributes in map via OpenLR Traffic events
  • Fuel prices in POI on route with brand icons and cached for roaming
  • Sharp curve warning
  • Canada split to provinces
  • Long vehicles are not entering class RC4 roads unless the destination is there
  • Heavy vehicles above 22t are penalizing the speed profiles below 55km/h to avoid driving through cities
  • Current truck parameter displayed after route computed
  • Improved road numbers in voice instructions

Sygic Truck 13.7.0, 1.3.2017, build R-100762

  • Enhanced voice and TTS instructions
  • Improved GPS signal reception
  • Itinerary with multiple vehicle types
  • Setting to prefer left turns
  • Control mobile data limit via SDK
  • Flag to disable menu for drivers
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

Sygic Truck 13.6.6, 11.11.2016, build R-100575

  • Displaying unpaved and delivery-only roads, as well as toll roads in some countries
  • Adding a new destination after current one
  • Improved Route Summary dialog
  • Quick zoom-out button
  • Action dialog items can be hidden
  • Menu_overload.ini file to keep menu items hidden even after app update
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

Sygic Truck 13.6.5, 4.10.2016, build R-100536

  • New reporting of map errors
  • Possibility to close problematic roads in map to avoid them
  • New design of quick menu
  • New layout design for landscape
  • Improved instructions during music playback over Bluetooth
  • Menu overload configuration file created
  • Sending FCD data can be disabled in settings.ini
  • Event Waypoint visited now also returns waypoint ID

Sygic Truck 13.6.4, 24.8.2016, build R-100494

  • New design of quick menu
  • Improved instructions during music playback over Bluetooth

Sygic Truck 13.6.3, 13.6.2016, build R-100424

  • Improved ETA for heavy vehicles
  • Improved route recompute
  • Truck toll in Germany from 7.5t
  • Native TTS voices for all platforms
  • Added setting not to cancel route when reaching the destination
  • Possibility to send multiple Custom URLS at once
  • Added custom URL to copy configuration files
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

Sygic Truck 13.6.2, 27.4.2016, build R-117796

  • Improved design of destination entering and route computing progress
  • Streetview shown for destiantion and waypoints
  • Improved entering of multiple waypoint
  • Added city districts in address
  • Fixed bug of deleted destination or waypoint
  • Navigation runing in background turned on by default

Sygic Truck 13.6.1, 9.2.2016, build R-100203

  • Screen saver on highways
  • Back button to switch to custom application
  • Display ECO driving score broadcasted from custom application
  • On application start recompute the route if a closure on route is loaded
  • Tunnel simmulation switched to 2D view
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Sygic Truck 13.5.3, 15.10.2015, build R-117088

  • new SDK function GetPoiOnRoute()
  • POIs on route can be displayed with ETA instead of distance
  • select a storage to install on first run
  • adjusted speedlimits for Finland and Sweden
  • time domains for trucks effective after 2015.12 map update
  • native Android TTS available for Android 5
  • added Google Navigation URL
  • itinerary optimization includes time windows
  • bugfixes and stability improvements
  • improved route computing

Sygic Truck 13.5.2, 21.8.2015, build R-117039

  • Last destination window to confirm or dismiss navigating to last destiation on application start
  • Share location is back with standard Android share options
  • Fixed favourites editing and deleting
  • Main menu and Settings menu divided into two columns in landscape
  • Simplified Settings menu
  • Click on speedlimit sign to open speeding notification settings
  • Lowered speedlimit for trucks with hazmat in France
  • Improved traffic
  • When zooming out the map rotates to North sooner
  • Fixed custom URL scheme
  • setRoute returns 3 new exception types

Sygic Truck 13.5.1, 30.6.2015, build R-116887

  • New itinerary with time windows, stop times and ETA notifications
  • Added itinerary optimization
  • Improved Route summary
  • Separate product for Campers, RVs and buses
  • Head up Display available as inapp purchase
  • Improved first run wizard
  • Added possibility to report map issues for both map providers
  • New Weigh Station POI category - available after map update
  • Updated speedlimits for heavy goods vehicles in UK because of a legal change and in Wisconsin, USA
  • Reverse geocoding now includes suburbs
  • Reverse geocoding now uses adress points instead of house number ranges (if available in map)
  • Added SDK function OptimizeRoute for current route optimization
  • Added SDK option bAllowItineraryEdit to block itinerary editting
  • Added SDK function getSdkVersion to find out the SDK version
  • Added SDK function GetRouteStatus to find out the itinerary progress
  • waypoints returned by SDK function LocationFromAddressEx are now in format consistent with input address
  • SDK function GetItineraryList now returns empty array if no route is computed instead of an exception
  • Fixed route computing when start is in prohibited zone
  • Fixed Uturns - now suggested only if suitable for your truck
  • Fixed custom URL for entering e-mail

Sygic Truck 13.5.0, 24.2.2015, build R-116631

  • Sidebar API
  • getCurrentSpeedLimit is now consistent with EVENT_SPEED_EXCEEDING
  • if speed limit information is missing in map data, it returns predefined national speed limit
  • Standard GEO URI scheme support
  • First run login via Custom URL
  • Reduced map size
  • Improved signposts

Sygic Truck 13.2.7, 5.11.2014, build R-116473

  • Next turn notification is provided sooner
  • Reaching the destination on the passenger's side of the vehicle
  • Trucks are not guided to cross borders if not needed
  • Improved truck speed limits for non-highways
  • ETA displayed in the time zone of destination

Sygic Truck 13.2.6, 25.06.2014, build R-116339

  • Routing for Camper cars and Buses
  • Improved display of cities and roads in map
  • Fix of SD card transfer with Android KitKat
  • Stabilisation of SDK
  • Start of navigation via SDK without prompts

Sygic Truck 13.2.5, 06.05.2014, build R-116222

  • North America truck localization
  • Quick search directed to standard search menu

Sygic Truck 13.2.4, 18.03.2014, build R-116189

  • fixed recomputing
  • route snapping back to version 13.1.
  • possible to move data to SD card
  • bugfixes

Sygic 3D 13.2.3, 14.12.2014, build R-116157

  • new text translations
  • truck preferred routes in the main priority front during route computing
  • navigation to not reachable waypoints in itineraries, navigating to closest reachable point
  • new speed limits for USA
  • new type of waypoints, invisible wps can be defined via SDK
  • SDK stability improvements
  • modified SDK demo