Dialog API


Dialog API provides functions, which deal with presenting some custom information to drivers such as FlashMessage or ShowMessage, and events, which notify on user interface operations.


FlashMessage creates short lasting message flashing on screen, which automatically disappears in few seconds.

Check details of FlashMessage in the reference manual.


In this example navigation flashes the message Please slow down! in the top right corner for few seconds.

    SError error;
    CApplicationAPI.FlashMessage(out error, "Please slow down !", true, 2000);


ShowMessage opens up the message popup on full screen, which needs to be confirmed by a driver.

Check details of ShowMessage in the reference manual.


In this example navigation opens up the message Delivery Address on full navigation screen and requests to react with Ok or Cancel. The result of the answer is returned so that your application can react appropriately. In this case it flashes the message Thank you if the positive answer was given.

    SError error;
    int answer = 0;
    CApplicationAPI.ShowMessage(out error, "Deliver Address: XY", 2, true, true, ref answer, 2000);
    if (answer == 201)
    CApplicationAPI.FlashMessage(out error, "Thank you !", true, 2000);


ShowDialogs opens a particular menu dialog of the navigation application.
The list of possible menu pages available for opening is defined with the enumeration DialogID.
Check details of ShowDialog in the reference manual.


This example opens the Address search menu dialog.

    SError error;
    CApplicationAPI.ShowDialog(out error, (int)DialogID.DlgNavigateTo, 0);


CloseDialogs closes any type of navigation menu dialog open and brings navigation to map screen.
Check details of CloseDialogs in the reference manual.


This example close any type of menu dialog open.

    SError error;
    CApplicationAPI.CloseDialogs(out error, 0);


API Events allow monitoring of some menu events with a possibility to react on it.
The following events are available.

Event Description
EVENT_MAIN_MENU occurs when driver enters navigation menu
EVENT_EXIT_MENU occurs when menu is abandoned and navigation lands into map view
EVENT_CHANGE_LANGUAGE occurs when language has been changed by driver through menu

Check for more on Api Events in the reference manual.