Activation with product codes


This activation is about applying a 16 digit product code in the form XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX within Sygic application, typically performed by an end user.
When started Sygic application automatically triggers activation dialog when there is no license valid, or a trial period license expired.
Alternatively you may trigger Sygic navigation with the custom url call to supply the activation code to simultaneously start and activate Sygic navigation.
This type of activation is suitable with cases where the id's of your set of devices are unknown, and when you do not want to distribute licenses on login (emails).
Please note that this type of activation requires internet access for a short moment during activation operation.

This type of activation is available for the following versions of Sygic navigation:

  • Sygic Professional Navigation
  • Sygic Truck
  • Sygic Taxi

For activating multiple devices you need to distribute product codes to individual end users (e.g. by email). They need to perform the activation process on their devices by themselves, either manually or semi automatically by triggering a custom url call.

Before activation first you need to redeem product code(s) from Sygic Business License System portal (, using Dispatch licenses action. Alternatively you may receive a testing product code from your sales representative.

1. Manual activation

Activation is performed by entering the code at the navigation menu Menu -> Sygic Store -> Activate Product code.
With each product code you can activate just one license, i.e. one unique device. The license is bound to a device id. Right after the activation the process of map download follows unless maps are pre-installed.

2. Activation through URL call

With each product code you need to create URL link with in the following form:




With each URL link execution you can activate just one license, i.e. one unique device. The license is bound to the device id. With the link execution, Sygic application is automatically started and activated, and it continues with map download dialog unless maps are preinstalled.

For mass activation you may generate corresponding number of unique URL links, and in a simplest form, you can distribute it to your end customers by email or sms.
The end users then perform the activation by simply clicking on the link in the message.