Fabulous news and improvements in 2022

10. 01. 2023 · 3 min read

The year has flown by, and we would like to summarize what Sygic GPS Navigation managed during 2022. There have been a lot of new features added to the application, but also improvements that you should know about. Check out also our timeline video.

New features

Wrong-Way Warning
As safety behind the wheel is a crucial aspect, together with Bosch, we have introduced the Wrong-Way Warning feature to the app. How does it work? If you are driving in the opposite direction, we will warn you. If someone else nearby is driving the highway in the opposite direction, you will also show a notice about a hazardous driver. This slight improvement may save your life.
Sattelite maps
You can go ahead and switch to the Sygic map and explore your neighborhood or district at your destination. Satellite maps are free for all users and require an internet connection.
SmartCam merges all camera features into one. You can use DashCam, Real View Navigation, and Traffic Sign recognition simultaneously if you want to turn on all three features or just one. The driving experience with Sygic will be even better now.
Vehicle models
No more boring arrows. Sygic brings some fun and presents the Vehicle model. From now on, it’s up to you what vehicle you choose for your trips and whom you become as a driver. Choose from vehicle models: Car, Formula driver, and Van.


Android Auto
We've improved app connectivity in Android Auto. There have been many new features since the new year. Still, some of the highlights include the Current speed on your car display, Places (POIS) while driving, Branded gas stations, Scout Compute, Visible fuel prices on the map, and many more.
Connectivity for those with the iOS operating system hasn‘t been forgotten. Our users can enjoy enhancements such as Dynamic Lane Assist, Places (POIS) while driving, Fuel prices on the map, Add your waypoints when navigating, and many more.
Real-View Navigation 2.0
We've redesigned and improved the functionality of Real-View Navigation. Experience driving in viral reality via your phone. Straight ahead, right, left, roundabout, second exit... Real View Navigation will get you to your destination more fascinating than any other feature from the Premium+ subscription.
Traffic Sign Recognition
The Traffic Sign Recognition feature can detect No Overtaking signs, in addition to recognizing speed limits. From now you, always be sure when you can and cannot overtake while driving. The Traffic Sign Recognition feature is part of the Premium+ package.
Electric Vehicle Mode
Here is fantastic news for those who want to navigate and pay for charging via one app in Slovakia and Poland. GreenWay and Sygic are getting along more and more, and we decided to give you an easy way to pay for your charging. You can now merge your accounts and specify by which app you want to initiate a charging process. In addition, we've added new charge points to the map. You can charge at more than 530,000 EV charging points across Europe.

Thank you for driving with us. We will continue to improve navigation for you.

2022 was a great year, but we already have many plans for 2023. We are working on many new features, so stay tuned.

Sygic wishes you many happy travels in 2023!

Written by Veronika Chmelarova