Satellite Maps

Need to familiarize yourself with the place you are driving at? Try a simple switch of your navigation map into satellite view. Just one tap to see the land from a bird's perspective, where you can search for the address or find a place of interest in its real look.

Satellite maps are an online feature. It is a must-have that gives you more comfort when driving to an unknown destination. It lets you see your current position and search for your target address, point of interest, or favorites (including contacts) in the satellite view.

You can also zoom it or move it with your fingertips. When you confirm the preferred route to the chosen place, your navigation automatically continues in a standard offline map.

Satellite maps in Sygic GPS Navigation are provided by Google LLC, and their updates are not synchronized with Sygic map updates.

The feature is free and is available for devices with OS Android and iOS.
It can't be mirrored via car connectivity.

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