We merge the three most popular camera features into one. Dashcam, Traffic Sign Recognition, and Real View Navigation help you on the road all at once. Drive with smart features and follow the road instructions with SmartCam.

Driving safely, following the road instructions, and being patient and considerate at the same time can be challenging. Sygic is here to help you. SmartCam combines all camera features into one. And it‘s up to you if you want to turn on all three features or just one.

Dashcam is SmartCam

Let SmartCam take care of you when it comes to crashes. Dashcam feature is very useful as footage of evidence in case of an accident and saves video automatically. This happens when the app detects a sudden speed change through the device's accelerometer, indicating a collision or other incidents.

Traffic Sign Recognition is SmartCam

Tap on the SmartCam and turn on Traffic Sign Recognition too. It helps you read traffic signs and be aware of what is going on in front of you. Thanks to this feature, your mobile device gets the ability to inform you when no overtaking signs and speed signs show up. SmartCam also recognizes synamic speed limit signs on LED screens, and it shows you the current maximum allowed speed.

**Please note that the performance of Traffic Sign recognition depends on several factors, such as light and weather and weather conditions, cleanliness of the windshield, phone placement, etc.

Traffic Sign recognition coverage:
Includes all countries except:
• Canada
• Puerto Rico
• United States of America

Real View is SmartCam

Transform your road into augmented reality. Explore a new way of driving and allow SmartCam to be a part of it. Real View uses your smartphone’s camera to display the navigation instructions over the view from your car. You won’t see the navigation instructions on the map, but directly on the street you are driving on.

The SmartCam is a part of our Premium+ subscription. Please visit Sygic Store on your device to check out our latest offer.

Download Sygic GPS Navigation for Androidor iPhone & iPad.

Important notice:
Using any of the SmartCam features is highly demanding for a phone’s operation. Therefore, older or weaker phone models can heat up while the SmartCam is used.

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