Job Dispatch integration into your existing fleet software

07. 05. 2014 · 2 min read

Job Dispatch, our latest application for business, has gained quite an interest among our partners and clients which resulted in some frequent requests concerning different needs to integrate Job Dispatch with an existing software.

In this blog we try to provide most accurate answers about Job Dispatch integration. Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to ask us more if needed.

Job Dispatch APIs

Sygic Job Dispatch is a powerful and easy job management subsystem that allows you to dispatch jobs directly to drivers’ phones, schedule tasks from your office to mobile devices, real-time workflow monitoring, reporting and messaging and reviewing job history.

It features mobile application for driver and web application for dispatcher.

As for majority of Sygic business products, also Job Dispatch has a carefully-defined API interface which provides you with the possibility of integration with more complex fleet management solutions.

The API offers the following list of services and functions

  • Inject route itinerary into job dispatch, where the waypoints can be annotated with GPS position or address, planned arrival and departure times, type of service at a waypoint, contact information, and custom data.
  • Add a user with his/her login into a subsystem
  • Assign a job itinerary to a user
  • Return status of job execution by showing the status of progress and providing custom data from a job execution


Is it possible to integrate Sygic Job Dispatch with Sygic Navigation?

Integration of Sygic Job Dispatch mobile app with Sygic Navigation is natural. Adding Sygic Navigation to Job Dispatch will allows your driver (any mobile workforce) to launch navigation automatically for calculating a route to the destinations where tasks are located. Driver does not need to enter an address. When the driver reaches the point of arrival, the Navigation switches automatically back to the Job Dispatch application to show details about the task.

Is it possible to inject my preplanned route itinerary with multiple tasks into Job Dispatch and assign it to different drivers?

A customization of Sygic Job Dispatch allows uploading of custom .csv file with waypoints, their GPS position or address, planned arrival and departure times, type of service at a waypoint, contact information, and custom data (parcel position in the car).

Once a route itinerary is injected into Job Dispatch it can be assigned to a driver. It is possible to upload multiple itineraries and automatically distribute them to different drivers using Job Dispatch web application.

Drivers simply follow assigned itineraries using Sygic Job Dispatch mobile application and Sygic Navigation.

Is it possible to integrate Sygic JD with my route optimization tool?

We provide the solution of Job Dispatch and Navigation, which easy connects to any professional route optimization software. The key point of the integration is the Job dispatch Server API.

This API is accessed by 3rd party route optimizer in order to inject routes, which become jobs with routes in Sygic subsystem. Next, Sygic subsystem makes sure that these route are synchronized to a proper driver into his/her mobile device running Sygic Navigation.

Picture1Hope you found the answers to all of your questions. If not, do not hesitate to contact us!

Written by RS